Our Thursday Photo #30

Where have the last 30 weeks gone, answer me that?? And while you’re at it, how is it that child number two, at 30 weeks old is still keeping me awake for most of the night when child number one slept through from eight weeks old? Answers on a postcard please. If you could possibly include a sleep potion with your postcard I would be most grateful, thank you so much.

In other news, we are still kicking the sorry arse out of Christmas. Two visits to Father Christmas last week, although one of them happened to be female. Either that or “he” had some serious moobs going on. I am hoping that Saturday’s Santa is going to be rather more realistic, as Libby has already cottoned on that it’s not always the real Father Christmas that we see. A poor effort at two and a half.

I have resorted to my usual position of being a bit crap at Christmas. we have our usual half arsed attempt at a Christmas tree, covered in a few of last year’s decorations and a few more cheap ones that hubby purchased on a grudging trudge around the retail park. I have made every attempt to make a home made advent calendar. It still isn’t finished, but on the plus side the first six pockets are on there, so I’ll probably sew a few more when I’m pissed on Saturday night. Of course, I haven’t bought any Christmas presents and my Christmas cake fruit has been soaking in brandy for over a month now. I will eventually get around to making it.

So, here are the little sods that are making me make some sort of a vain attempt at being Christmassy in Our Thursday Photo #30 (photo entirely Christmas free). Humbug.

thurs #30


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