Npower superpowers campaign

Celebrating Britain’s Superpowers

This is a collaborative post.

In homes up and down the country there are families with hidden talents. You might even call them superpowers. When npower researched our everyday superpowers, dad dancing and lip-syncing were ranked highly among the things that make Britain great.

Npower superpowers campaign

But there are other things too. Mums growing vegetables, dads baking cakes. Cats keeping the children entertained and dogs cleaning the floor after every meal. In fact there are so many hidden talents out there that npower wanted to celebrate them. They even roped in Peter Andre to help.

What’s your superpower?

So what’s your family’s superpower? If you share it, you’ll have the chance to win a gadget bundle valued at £25,000 to super-power your home. You can share your superpowers online at

Npower superpowers campaign

Better still if you’re near Central Birmingham next weekend (Friday 28th to Sunday 30th Oct) you can head to the superpower roadshow. The roadshow is a chance for you to show npower your family superpowers in person! However you decide to enter, you’ll be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes.

Our family superpower

Thursday Photo #126

So, I know what you’re thinking. If every family has super powers, then what are ours? Well we’ve put together a video of our super powers. I like to think we’re quite a talented family. Between us we sing, dance, act, do rhythmic gym and play the accordion, piano and violin among other instruments. We do sports too including swimming, running, cycling, triathlon, trampolining and water polo.But when I sat back and thought of it, I realised we had one family member with quite a special and unusual talent. We have the real life littlest hobo in our midst. Check out our video to find out all about it.

Please note, this is a collaborative post but all views, opinions and superpowers are my own.

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