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Toddlebike2 Review

When Libby was tiny, a friend of mine was kind enough to send us a Toddlebike for her birthday. At the time I’d never heard of Toddlebike, but it has since gone on to become probably the most used toy in our household.

Loch Leven & Loch of the Lowes
Photo courtesy of Melanie Chadd Photography

Toddlebike is designed to be the prequel to a balance bike. It teaches very young children to sit down on the bike and scoot along. And recently, Toddlebike has had a makeover. We’ve been lucky enough to be sent the Toddlebike2 to review.


The Toddlebike2 is light, easy to climb onto and easy to steer. The handlebars are closer to the seat than the previous model, and the seat is more centralised. The bike is so light that Lia is able to carry it herself. It comes in a selection of colours – racing red, midnight blue or pinky pink like Lia’s. 

When Lia first got on the Toddlebike, she found it quite difficult to get used to. And the people at Toddlebike say that this is perfectly normal. But as a seasoned Toddlebike expert, when Toddlebike2 made its appearance, Lia was off on it like a rocket.Before Lia’s new Toddlebike2 arrived, we did have the odd fight over the Toddlebike. Libby is much too big for it now and she knows it. She recently learnt to ride a bike without stabilisers but she still loves to ride both the toddlebike and her balance bike. Perfect for racing around the decking. 


Progression from Toddlebike to balance bike


I haven’t been asked to mention this but Libby is the perfect advert for the effectiveness of Toddlebike. Once she had mastered her Toddlebike as a tiny tot, she moved on to riding a balance bike. It wasn’t long before she was bombing around on the balance bike at the speed of light and we knew she was ready for pedals.She actually had a peddle bike before her balance bike, but she had stabilisers on it. Once she had mastered toddlebike and her balance bike, taking the stabilisers off her pedal bike was surprisingly easy.

Toddlebike2 Video

To show how versatile the Toddlebike2 is, we decided to take it off-road at the park. I didn’t think pictures would do it justice, so here’s a little video of the Toddlebike2 in action.

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