Olpro Cubo Breeze Inflatable Camper Van Drive Away Awning pitched on a grass pitch next to a high top van

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As a camper van family, we are always on the lookout for things that make our lives a little easier when travelling. For the past few years, we have been ambassadors for the fabulous Olpro, whose awnings have been a game changer. A couple of years ago, we reviewed the Cocoon Breeze. This year, we’re trying out a slightly smaller awning in the Cubo Breeze. Both have their own advantages. Which one we use for a holiday depends on how long we’re staying for and whether we are moving about. We have also tried out some other brilliant products from Olpro, including an electric pump for inflatable awnings (game changer), some sleeping bags and a rucksack. I really don’t have any complaints about any of their products. So, I was delighted when they offered the prize of a £100 Olpro gift card for one of my blog readers. They have also given me a 10% discount for everybody, so feel free to use NATALIE10 at the checkout.

View of the sunset from our awning at Pencarnan Farm in Pembrokeshire
Sunset at Pencarnan Farm viewed from our awning

Inflatable awnings

When we first got a camper van, I hoped that we wouldn’t need an awning. I liked the idea of being self-contained in the van. Pulling up where we wanted to go, parking the van and being ready to sleep for the night. Unfortunately when travelling with children, that’s just not realistic. Having adjusted my expectations, we tried out an awning with poles. It was ok, but it took a long time to put up. During which time, I had two children and a dog to entertain while my husband did battle with the tent. It wasn’t long before the groundsheet had holes in it from the dog’s claws and we spent a significant amount of time mopping up mud.

When Olpro first offered us an awning, I handed over the decision on which one we’d have to my husband. After all, he’s the one who spends time putting it up and taking it down. He went for the Cocoon Breeze, which is huge with an inner bedroom tent. I have to admit, I was disappointed by his choice. I thought we’d be straight back to spending hours putting it up and taking it down. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Inflatable awnings are an absolute game changer, especially when paired with an electric pump. Putting up the tent is a 10 to 20 minute job. The main hassle with taking it down is putting everything away, because we do use up all the extra space the awning gives us. This can lead to a bit of extra clutter. We end up taking more with us, knowing we’ll have space for it. Paddle boards, surf boards, body boards and wetsuits all sneak into our van. Packing those up at the end can be a pain, but the awning itself is never a hassle, although it’s better on a dry day!

Little girl looking into an Olpro Cocoon Breeze awning
Looking into the Cocoon Breeze inflatable awning

Other Olpro products

Since being Olpro ambassadors, we have had so many of their products that I feel like we’ve got to know what level of quality to expect. None of the items we’ve had have ended up damaged, broken or looking worn. That is despite the level of overuse they see with an avid camper van family, a dog and two children. So whether you are considering entering the giveaway to get a voucher to use against a tent or awning, or whether you’re just hoping to stock up on camping equipment, I highly recommend it.

Sharman 65 Litre Rucksack back view
Sharman 65 Litre Rucksack back view including belt strap pockets

Win a £100 Olpro Gift Card

This is a great chance to win a £100 Olpro gift card to put towards your next order on their website. If you’re looking for some new camping kit for the summer, you can enter using the Rafflecopter below. The prize will be provided and sent by Olpro. Please read my competition terms and conditions before entering. The giveaway will end on 3rd July 2022.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[AD] Contains gifted products

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