Win a Unicorn Party with Unicorn Fruit Flakes from Fruit Bowl

There’s no event on a child’s calendar that is more important to them than their birthday party. As parents, we want to make it magical. Spoil the birthday child, ensure they have a brilliant day and make sure their friends love it too. Fruit Bowl understand the pressure on parents to get a party just right. That’s why they’re running a competition inspired by their delicious Unicorn Fruit Flakes.

Simply head over to their website and enter your details to win a magical unicorn party for your child’s birthday.

About Fruit Bowl

We’ve been buying Fruit Bowl products for a long time to bridge the gap between sweets and fruit. There’s a natural tendency for children to see sweets as a treat. My two often ask for them despite having a relatively healthy diet most of the time. Sometimes, they’re willing to accept a piece of fruit instead. Other times, they want something they view as a treat.

I’m not sure how or why drying and repackaging fruit makes it more appealing, but it works. Fruit Bowl aim to make fruit easy, accessible and appealing. Their goodies are full of flavourful fruitiness. Individually wrapped portions are ideal for taking anywhere. My two take them to school for snacks, and I chuck some in my bag to bring out when they’re hungry. Yoghurt Flakes are great treats and the other Fruit Bowl snacks contribute to your five a day. 

They cater for different tastes too. Lia is a huge fan of the yoghurt covered flakes, but Libby has never been keen on things with yoghurt on. She prefers the fruit flakes. It’s a relief to have something to turn to that satisfies their craving for something sweet, whilst reassuring me that they’re eating healthily. 

The Fruit Bowl Unicorn Party competition

When it comes to birthday parties, they don’t get more magical than a unicorn party. The lucky winner of Fruit Bowl’s competition will have a visit from a real unicorn at their party. They’ll also receive goodies to transform their venue into the ultimate unicorn destination. A unicorn piñata, unicorn cake, balloons, bunting and banners. All guests will leave with a unicorn party bag. 

The competition is free to enter and no purchase is necessary. Head over to the Fruit Bowl website to enter by filling in your name and a few details that Fruit Bowl will need to know to organise your party. 

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