Win an eco friendly bath time hamper from Jack and Jill Kids
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Win an eco friendly bath time hamper from Jack and Jill Kids

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I’ve always struggled to find palm oil free bath products. The majority of brands use palm oil derivatives to make their products bubbly. But a few months ago, we reviewed Jack and Jill tooth care range for children. Since then, they’ve expanded to include bath products as well. We’ve been reviewing their new bath time range and you can win a hamper of them so you can try them yourself.

Win an eco friendly bath time hamper from Jack and Jill Kids

Simplicity shampoo and body wash

The simplicity range is perfect for sensitive skin. It is unscented and hypoallergenic. It is even fine for use on newborns. My girls both suffer from slightly sensitive skin, so I do prefer unscented bath products for them. The only worry I have is that it might not make them smell clean.

Win an eco friendly bath time hamper from Jack and Jill Kids

Luckily despite being unscented, the simplicity shampoo and body wash is effective and actually smells really nice. It actually prevents dry skin as it contains quinoa, which contains calcium, iron, phosphorous and vitamin B2. It also contains soap bark, a natural foaming agent and cleanser.

We love the pump action bottle that this comes in. It’s ideal for putting by the bath, as it has a wide base so it doesn’t fall over. It is easy to dispense and the children can manage to wash themselves easily with it.

Serenity moisturiser

The serenity moisturiser is aromatherapy based. So if used after bath time, it not only moisturises children’s skin, but helps to relax them. It contains essential oils of lavender, clary sage and chamomile, as well as extract of Australian White Cyprus. All these ingredients are calming and relaxing and can help children to get a good night’s sleep.

Win an eco friendly bath time hamper from Jack and Jill Kids

The moisturiser is gentle and hydrating. We’ve been applying it whenever our skin felt a bit dry and rubbing some on after the bath when we remember. The girls both suffer with dry patches on their faces at times. Applying serenity moisturiser seems to have cleared up the dry patches for the time being, despite Libby in particular having had it quite badly after our holiday. I’m hoping that if we keep remembering to apply the moisturiser, this will prevent it from happening again.

Sweetness bubble bath

The sweetness bubble bath aims to be both hydrating and fun. It uses soap bark as a cleansing and foaming agent. I did worry about whether the bubble bath would be bubbly enough, as most companies do use palm oil derivatives as a foaming agent. However, this was super effective and we loved the bubbles it produced.

Win an eco friendly bath time hamper from Jack and Jill Kids

The bubble bath contains lots of aromatherapy oils. It uses ylang ylang, coconut, neroli and palmarosa essential oils and extract of orange pearl. Contrary to other bubble baths, it doesn’t dry out the skin. In fact, the oils have hydrating properties. It’s perfect for a relaxing bath before bedtime, and we’ve been following it up with the serenity moisturiser for hydrated skin and a good night’s sleep.

Win an eco friendly bath time hamper from Jack and Jill Kids

Win a Jack and Jill bath time hamper

Jack and Jill have kindly agreed to give a bath time hamper to one lucky winner. This will include a bubble bath, a shampoo and body wash and a moisturiser. The bottles are all nice and large so they should keep you going at bath time for a good while!

If you’d like to win the hamper, you can enter using the Rafflecopter below. Please read my competition terms and conditions before entering. Don’t forget to check out my other competitions too, there are some brilliant prizes up for grabs.

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  1. Set up a bedtime routine eg bath, warm drink, story and bed. Don’t allow you child to engage in any stimulating activities for at least 1 hour before bed – so no ipads, electronic gaming etc

  2. my baby boy is only 11 months, he has a routine which we try and stick to, he is always put to bed at 8pm, he has a bath and i read to him then a bottle before bed

  3. Encouraging them to write a diary with you helps to get out any concerns they’ve built up throughout the day. x

  4. I think children love a routine to help make them feel safe and secure. Cuddles and familiar stories are an important part of this 🙂

  5. Grandson loves his bubble baths with his toys and a couple of bedtime stories, followed by a big hug and kisses from grandma

  6. My four childrens Daddy always makes time to read them their favourite story, and if he goes away with work, and I read to them, I get told I do the voices all wrong!
    I love watching them get sleepier and sleepier with every turn of the page! x

  7. We have a set routine with a bath, 15 mins of a tv show they enjoy, a story then bed at the same times every night.

  8. Good old fashioned storytelling is great for settling them down – off with the electronic toys and out with a real book

  9. Have A Bedtime Ritual. It really helps babies and young children understand what is coming next. I find a bedtime routine really helps to keep our baby calm and prepare her for sleep. With our older children we start the bedtime routine with a bath, but our baby doesn’t really need a bath everyday, so we do this as and when required for her.
    After a certain time I dim the lights to help our baby girl go down and with our older children we have black out blinds which are great, especially in the summer months when it’s darker later. I also like playing some calming music, and often give our baby girl a relaxing baby massage which really works, especially if she’s groggy.

    Failing that, a short trip travelling in the car seems to get our baby girl to sleep. 

  10. I have twin babies and every since they were born i follow a Bed time routine. They go to bed by 7pm and sleep till 8am. tea, bath and bed time story. x