Win TWO VQ Emma Bridgewater Retro Mini DAB radios to celebrate Black Friday Deal

Picture the scene, it might be familiar. It’s stupid o’clock in the morning and you hear little footsteps pitter-pattering along the landing. The door opens and a small, pyjama-clad person demands your attention. You want nothing more than to roll over and go back to sleep. But parent guilt screams at you not to turn the television on. Now there’s a solution – and it’s beautiful.

Introducing the VQ Emma Bridgewater Retro Mini DAB radio

On long car journeys, the girls love listening to children’s radio or an audio book. They’re big fans of Julia Donaldson and cBeebies radio. It’s perfect for entertaining them without them being stuck in front of a screen. And yet at home, it had never crossed my mind to give them a radio.

That is until VQ asked if we’d like to try out one of these beautiful Emma Bridgewater design Retro Mini DAB radios. And an idea crossed my mind.

These gorgeous radios will be on special offer on Black Friday, reduced from £89.99 down to £69.99 on the Emma Bridgewater website. Their retro design belies their modern interior. You can tune in to DAB, DAB+ and FM radio. This brings with it the availability of the Fun Kids Radio station. This is perfect for the daytime, but it can be a bit lively for just before bed. So, we’ve explored some of the radio’s other features.

Bluetooth connectivity

This adorable little radio is available in a Dancing Mice or Men at Work design. And the only thing my girls love about it more than the way it looks is the bluetooth feature. Because they can listen to anything they want on it. Whether it’s an audio book, cBeebies radio, podcast or songs from Spotify. Anything that’s available on our phones or the iPad can be streamed to the radio.

What’s more, it works on both mains and battery power. It’s ideal for both listening at home, or taking on road trips or even just out in the garden without the hassle of an extension lead. And if you want to listen to FM radio, just pull up the aerial to get a great signal.

The changing face of our mornings

Now, instead of agonising over whether to let the girls have screen time in the mornings, they have their radio. They can either stay in bed and listen to it, or play together with it on in the background. I’ve even said they can listen to it in the evenings when they’re going to sleep. I can set a timer and they drift off to sleep with it on.

Win TWO VQ Emma Bridgewater Retro Mini DAB radios

If, like me, you’re blown away by the gorgeous retro design and the modern features of these radios, you can enter to win two of them! One lucky reader will win two radios – one to keep for themselves and one for a friend. You can choose between the Dancing Mice or Men at Work designs. These would make the perfect Christmas gift but you definitely won’t want to give them away, so winning two is an ideal solution. Here is a photo of the Men at Work radio to make it easier for you to decide which one to choose! Photo courtesy of VQ.

You can enter using the Rafflecopter below. Please read my competition terms and conditions before entering. Don’t forget to check out my other competitions too, there are some brilliant prizes up for grabs.

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  1. This is soooooo pretty. I have my fingers crossed for this.
    It’s a great idea for children to listen to the radio. I am not very good with silence and have the radio on alot. But none of ours are as pretty as the dancing mice radio!

  2. The Sony Walkman would be fun to see being brought back although it was pretty large and not easy to clip on your belt

  3. Good old record players or tape players! So those of us with a collection of records/tapes in the loft can play then again!

  4. My boys too old, my grandchildren not yet on the scene but my great nephews would love these (am sure their mums would also apppreciate the peace they would bring )

  5. Great question! We had an old wooden tv. I would love a modern TV that is encased in wood on a curved wooden stand that has the ‘no signal’ colourful screen when you switch it on.

  6. Telegram letters – have one from 60 years ago when mum and dad got married
    Haven’t a clue how theyd do it !

  7. I’d love them to re-do some of the retro gaming systems. I know they have done some already, but I’d love them to release more games in a simple classic style for the classic consoles like the Megadrive or NES

  8. I can see quite a lot of people saying a record player, and i must say i totally agree! absolutely love them.

  9. I can’t think of any retro item that hasn’t already been updated! I am sure there are many. I do love these radios!

  10. Hi Nat, what wonderful little radios! I remember loving my little music collection when I was young, but that was a time before all day TV, so my parents weren’t so torn. These little radios would make a lovely Christmas present that will always have it’s use.


  11. Love this little radio. I recently bought a turntable to play my vinyl and am soooooo happy to hear the crackling when the needle hits the vinyl, brings back so many memories x

  12. I love all things retro… we recently got a record player which makes me soo happy!
    I’d love to retro-up my kitchen next… I like the colours and the shapes so much more than these sleek modern appliances!

  13. As others have said, I love the retro look as well fused with the modern technology of Bluetooth! What an awesome find! I seriously might have to look into purchasing one for my daughter for Christmas! Thank you!

  14. My Mum had a trim telephone. I’d love to have a new one with the ability to plug into my current socket but still with the dial face.

  15. I’m not sure but I expect there are plenty, with inventor’s bringing lots up to date, but for now I’m loving these radio’s x

  16. I’d love a 60’s style record player in the wooden box as I’m into the retro look as well as loving the sound of how music sounds on vinyl.

  17. The Corby Trouser press – am sure they could make it now into a superfast multipress with ip notification to your fone when a garment was pressed sufficient

  18. A record player so I could listen to all my old LP’s. It would be nice if you could insert a flash drive that would automatically save the song you played so you could listen to them on the go

  19. would be cool if cookers were updated, a smart cooker that could display the recipe you needed and stop cooking if food was at risk of being burnt

  20. I’d like to see my old walkman given a revamp and made cool again! I used to love choosing and changing tapes.

  21. Oh gosh well Soda Stream but that already has a fab update. I actually can’t think of anything else I miss from the ‘olden’ days lol x

  22. The cassette tape. I don’t know how they would modernise it, but there was stuff you could do with a cassette (rewind to a point you wanted or record over, etc.) that you can’t do with modern tech.

  23. What comes to mind for me are sweets and chocolate. They could be updated to a much higher standard than the old ones that still exist have been, and there are plenty that could be brought back.

  24. TV/VHS combos. I loved that my tv in my bedroom back in the 90s meant i could watch any vhs i wanted. I would love to see a tv/blu-ray or dvd player thats bedroom sized.

  25. The twintub washing machine like my nan used to have,when it wasn’t being used it had a cover over the top that was used as extra workspace in the kitchen.

  26. record player, tape player, CD player and burner, DVD player and radio all combined into one unit to convert if necessary.

  27. I would love to see gramophone on the market. I’d definitely by that and, from what I’ve noticed surfing the net, people are turning more and more sentimental (I know I do). Plus, gramophone would look so stylish in any home.

  28. When I was 14 I went to the sony shop with my dad and he bought me a stylish up to date walkman. it was amazing. i know we have phones etc now but they just are not the same. I’d love to see a wlkman being brought right up to date!

  29. Such a lovely prize! There something about the old type writers that I love. It would be amazing to see them revamped and modernised. They really remind me of my childhood 🙂

  30. The gramophone – I still have lots of 78s that my grandmother passed down to me, but it’s hard to get a player for them these days.

  31. The teasmade alarm clocks that woke us up with a lovely cup of tea. They would sit on the bedside table. I love tea and I loved them.

  32. Used to love those game machine tables where you could play pacman facing your opponent. Something smaller which you could just place on your own table would be great.

  33. I’d love to see the old style macs that were like monitors/tvs come back and be modernised but with a retro feel.

  34. Grandfather clocks…. they are so iconic ,,, but too big and bulky… An updated, sleek, stylish version would be amazing! x