Our Thursday Photo #19

I’m struggling to believe that it’s Thursday again already, it only seems five minutes ago I was posting last week’s photo from my phone. We came home from our holiday on Monday, having all had a fabulous week. Libby’s speech is developing every day, and she is at a stage now where she generally talks perfect sense, so the odd word of utter nonsense or silly mistake can be really entertaining. Here are a few examples from this week:

Libby: I want to go on the radiator.

Dad: The radiator?

Libby: Yes, I want to go on the radiator (points at the escalator)

Libby: Oh look it’s the yellow magazine.

Me: What magazine?

Libby: There on Lia’s bib!

Me: Ah, the yellow submarine.

Me: We’ll go blackberry picking tomorrow.

Libby: Can I go blackberry picking now?

Me: No, it’s too dark outside.

Libby: Will we have to turn the light on?

Talking of entertaining, Lia now thinks that Libby is the funniest comedian the world has ever seen. For anyone who is trying to get a baby to smile for a photo, don’t underestimate the hilarity of the fake sneeze. It works every time for Lia. So here is our Thursday photo #19, smiles brought to you courtesy of the fake sneeze!

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