When your dream horse comes to life

Lia is an incredibly girly little girl and I have literally no idea where she gets it from. Libby chooses her clothes each morning based on what looks the sportiest. She’s never happier than when she’s wearing a running t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. Whereas Lia regularly refuses to leave the house wearing anything other than a dress. And it has to be the right dress too. Pink, sparkly and covered in unicorns is preferable.

Lia’s dream pet

Lia adores the dogs and she would rather like a cat as well. Or a rabbit, hamster or guinea pig for that matter. But if you ask her what pet she’d really like, her answer would be a unicorn every time. Luckily, this hasn’t translated into wanting her own pony just yet. I wouldn’t rule it out one day, but I want her to be responsible enough to look after it and know that a horse needs lots of time and attention. It would also need to be insured by a specialist like Petplan Equine Horse insurance. But mercifully, we’re a long way from that yet.

In the meantime, Lia has been doing some drawing with her nan. I have always wished I was as talented at art as my mum, but sadly it wasn’t to be. So, I know my limits when the girls need some help with an art project and I sent them over to nan’s house to do it. Lia knew exactly what she wanted and my mum helped her to draw and decorate a unicorn. She named it Rainbow.

A child's drawing of a unicorn

When your dream pet comes to life

When Lia’s drawing was done, I took a photo of it and sent it to Petplan Equine, who had very kindly agreed to make it into a cuddly toy for her. She knew it was going to be made but that didn’t make her any less delighted to see her design brought to life. It arrived in an envelope, and in the envelope was a lovely shiny red bag. Lia initially thought it was a cushion, so when I showed her that it was a bag and told her to open it, she couldn’t believe her luck.

We are so impressed with Lia’s unicorn. She absolutely adores it and I’m sure it’s something she’ll treasure forever. What a lucky little girl to be able to design her dream pet and have it made into a cuddly toy. It has quickly become a feature in our house and she can’t wait to take it into preschool to show all her friends.

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  1. Hi Nat, how cute and how chuffed Lia must feel. Her very own unicorn, designed by her own fair hand (with help from Nan). It’s far better than a pillow.