Girl riding Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart on grass with flower bush behind

Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart Review

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My children love everything on wheels. Bikes, scooters, cars and definitely a go-kart. So, they were delighted to put the Kettler Barcelona Air through its paces. This slick, red and black kart is durable and scratch-resistant. Ideal for boisterous children like mine. Its air-inflated tyres and sturdy pedals allow them to get up to quite a pace on a flat surface. They’ve even managed to suss out reversing.

Girl riding Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart on grass with flower bush behind

About the Kettler Barcelona Air

Designed with children aged 5 to 10 in mind, this kart is ideal for any open space. My girls have mainly been using it on our decking, but it’s also fine on short grass. Whilst the Barcelona Air is pedal propelled, it also has a freewheel function allowing you to push a child without the pedals going round. A handbrake stops it quickly, operating on both back wheels. Steering is light and intuitive and the girls have learnt to pedal backwards to reverse.

Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart side view with no rider

A comfortable bucket seat and child-sized steering wheel give children the feeling of driving a little car. There is a maximum weight limit of 50kg for using the kart. However, I have to admit that my husband and I couldn’t resist having a go. It’s definitely more appropriate for children, we each had our knees round our ears. It was fun though. For children, the seat easily adjusts. Libby has slightly longer legs than Lia and is able to adjust the seat herself before she gets on. It’s a simple lever system and the seat pulls backwards and forwards. Ideal if several different children are going to use it.

Girl riding Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart front view with flowers behind

Assembling the Barcelona Air

The Barcelona Air arrived in a large, flat box. Much to my horror, it was down to me to put it together. The website boasts “easy assembly”. This may well be the case for people who are slightly better at building things than me. I can strongly advise against building it on a decking where small parts can (and will) fall through the holes. I hadn’t intended to spend my evening crawling multiple times along the rather spider-ridden floor under our decking.

Girl riding Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart side view on decking

Nonetheless, with a little help from my husband who arrived when I’d finally lost my rag with it, we managed to put the Barcelona Air together. The instructions were in picture form, which I did find somewhat difficult to understand at times but we got there and all the parts were present and correct after some scrabbling around on my part.

Girl riding Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart back view with dog watching

Storing the Barcelona Air

It has been a bit of a bone of contention in our house that we won’t be keeping the go-kart. It’s an absolutely brilliant bit of kit and the children have had hours of fun on it. However, we really don’t have anywhere to put it as it is quite large and doesn’t easily fold down without removing the seat. Instead, ours will be going to the girls’ school, who I’m sure will use it every day. They also have notably more storage space than we do, so I know it will be looked after.

Girl riding Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart side on view on grass

For a school setting or anyone who has a large garden and some space in the shed, the Kettler Barcelona Air is a great addition to a children’s outdoor toy collection. It has encouraged my girls to spend more time outside. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon after school racing around on a shiny go kart? Now, I’m looking forward to seeing the children at school enjoying it after the summer holidays. For more information on the Barcelona Air or to buy one, head to the Kettler website.

Girl riding Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart back view on decking

[AD] Contains gifted products

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