Girl behind picnic hamper on hillside with bag of Jersey Royal New Potatoes and sandwich in picnic hamper

Easy vegetarian Jersey Royals Recipe

Since having children, cooking a nice meal has come to mean something entirely different. I’d love to say that we often host dinner parties and cook gourmet delights. But that’s not the reality of parenting is it? Instead, a decent meal these days is something with good quality ingredients that the children will eat. It needs to be ready within an hour, preferably with minimal preparation time so I can get some other jobs done while it’s cooking. We all love the distinctive taste of Tesco Jersey Royals. So, I’m sharing an easy Jersey Royals recipe that ticks all the boxes. It showcases the flavour of the potatoes and it’s ultra quick and simple to make. Better still, it makes enough to last for a couple of days.

Jersey Royal New Potatoes recipe finished dish

Why is this easy vegetarian Jersey Royals recipe great for families?

When we get back from the school run, the children like to have some time playing or watching the television while I start cooking tea. Often, they’ve either already done an activity before we get home, or they’re going off to do something later. So, we need to eat something that’s quick and easy. However, I also want to get something nutritious into them.

This recipe takes very little preparation time. It’s based on brown rice cooked with vegetable stock, chopped tomatoes and some herbs. Once that’s in, I put some Tesco Jersey Royal new potatoes in to par boil and cut up some fresh vegetables. I use whatever veg we’ve got and preferably what’s in season. The girls hate mushrooms, so I put whole field mushrooms in for myself and my husband.

Jersey Royal New Potatoes recipe rice with chopped tomatoes and herbs in roaster

Once the rice has cooked for 20 minutes, I drain the Jersey Royals and leave them to stand while I take the rice out of the oven, season it with salt and pepper and mix in the vegetables. If the rice is looking a bit dry, I add some more water. Then, the Tesco Jersey Royals go on top. I pour a generous amount of olive oil over the potatoes, with the oil drizzling down into the rest of the dish. Turn the oven up, put it back in and 20 minutes later it’s cooked.

Jersey Royal New Potatoes in packaging next to pan containing potatoes

Cooking enough for two days

If we’re really busy after school, cooking a decent meal simply isn’t possible. So instead of resorting to a ready meal, I cook up an absolute tonne of this recipe and use it as a filling for wraps or pittas the following day. Roasted Jersey Royals taste great cold, as do the rest of the ingredients.

Jersey Royal New Potatoes recipe finished in dish

This week, my eldest is in the middle of her year two SATS and yesterday, she had a piano lesson followed by a ballet exam after school. As a treat for all her hard work, we all went to the park for a picnic. Instead of standard sandwiches, I cooked this recipe on Monday and made enough to go in pittas the following day. Then at the park, they were able to fill their own pittas and enjoy them as part of our picnic.

Girl behind picnic hamper on hillside with bag of Jersey Royal New Potatoes and sandwich in picnic hamper
Jersey Royal New Potatoes recipe finished dish

Easy vegetarian Jersey Royals recipe

This quick and easy recipe is based on brown rice baked in the oven with vegetable stock and herbs. Add chopped, fresh vegetables and finally top with par boiled Jersey Royals and pour on olive oil. Recipe is enough to feed a family of four for two meals.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mediterranean
Servings 8


  • 400 grams brown rice
  • 2 tins chopped tomatoes 400g tins
  • 1/2 litre vegetable stock
  • 2 tsp mixed herbs
  • 900 grams Tesco Jersey Royals 2 x 450g bags
  • chopped fresh vegetables whatever you have / enjoy
  • 2 tbsp olive oil or other cooking oil
  • salt and pepper to season


  • Preheat the oven to 200°
  • Put the brown rice and stock into a 39cm ceramic roaster with both tins of chopped tomatoes and the herbs and stir
  • Put the roaster into the oven for 20 minutes
  • Par boil the Jersey Royals
  • Chop up fresh vegetables. I used onions, garlic, fresh beetroot, red pepper, cauliflower, courgettes and mushrooms
  • Remove rice from oven after 20 minutes, season with salt and pepper and mix in the chopped vegetables. Add some more water if the rice is starting to look dry.
  • Lay the par boiled Jersey Royals on top of the rice and vegetable mix and pour olive oil generously over them, allowing it to run down into the rice and vegetables
  • Turn the oven up to 250° and put the roaster back in the oven
  • Bake for a further 20 minutes, after which the potato skins will be crispy and delicious
  • Dish up or serve in the middle of the table with a serving spoon for people to help themselves
  • There should be enough left over to use the next day as well, reheated or served cold as a filling for wraps or pittas
Keyword Jersey Royal New Potatoes

Jersey Royal new potatoes are now in season and available in Tesco. Tesco Jersey Royals are delicious, earthy and nutty and can only be grown on the island of Jersey. They are traditionally one of the foodie signs that Spring has arrived. 

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  1. This sounds delicious, but I’ll be honest, my kids wouldn’t eat it! I’ll just have to make it for myself! We usually only have a maximum of half an hour to cook on weekdays. I’m usually cooking before my kids even come in from the school bus.

    1. Ahh yeah, I can imagine that if children didn’t like veggies it wouldn’t be for them. Mine absolutely love it, which is a relief because it’s so easy to prepare that I manage to get their reading done while it’s in the oven.