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How to buy eco friendly products at lower prices

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These days, most of us are painfully aware of our environmental impact. Purchasing decisions no longer hinge purely around quality, value and price. Instead, we look for ethically sound purchases. Clean, natural products with less chemicals that are better for us and the environment. Sadly though, manufacturing products like this can be expensive. As a result, purchasing them can be too costly for many consumers. Recently though, the founders of a small company called My Green Pod have found a solution.

Reducing the cost of natural products

The founders of MyGreenPod realised that to bring down the prices of ethical products, they could use collective buying power. They’ve recently launched a Crowdfunder to set up a subscription service for clean products. Consumers can sign up to have the products delivered when they need them. Thus reducing the cost by as much as half.

If you decide to sign up to the Crowdfunder, you could end up saving even more. In fact, you could get up to £350 worth of clean products just for donating to the Crowdfunder. For a £25 donation, you could get a clean starter pack of your choice that is worth well over £25. Choose cleaning products from Tincture, Weleda products including body-wash and deodorant, or clean hair products from Tabitha James Kraan.

I’ve been quite surprised looking through all the things you can get for supporting this Crowdfunder. I’ve previously seen people offering things like a pen or a badge. MyGreenPod offers very real value, with all the rewards being worth more than you’d pay for them. For £250, you would be given a lifetime VIP membership to the ethical marketplace. This entitles you to 20% off everything for life. So if you’re someone who always buys clean products, you could end up saving a fortune.

What is MyGreenPod

Family business MyGreenPod looks to share the stories behind ethical products. They investigate the background and find out about the people who make them. Then, they promote the companies via their website and a quarterly supplement in the Guardian.

Through this research, founders Katie and Jarvis have championed a few ‘hero’ products. Each one has been rigorously investigated, tested and used in their own home. Their Crowdfunder is a bid to make their favourite products accessible to more people by bringing down the cost.

It would be great to see ethical shopping becoming cheaper. When I’ve written previously about being more careful with my purchases, many people have replied to say that many ethical products are too upmarket and not affordable. Hopefully, this Crowdfunder will mark a turning point where shopping ethically doesn’t mean spending a fortune. If you’d like to get involved, head over to the Crowdfunder.

[AD] Contains gifted products

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  1. This is very interesting and sounds like a really good idea. Sadly a lot of greener products are even expensive for people with a reasonable income and they are prohibitively expensive for anyone on low income. Hopefully this will help more people use greener products.

    1. It is such a fab idea and I agree, really useful to make green products more accessible. We are a two income family but still frequently go without rather than shelling out for expensive eco items or buying cheaper, less eco friendly alternatives.