Thursday Photo #149

I sometimes wonder how much it’s right to share as a blogger. How much do people really want to read about what we’ve been up to at the weekend? And more to the point, do they really want to know about the ups and downs of our everyday life?

Trying to be useful

Since about the beginning of the year, I’ve been trying to stick to writing things that people will find useful. I still write about our week on a Thursday, but there’s not much more personal than that. It tends to be days out, travel and reviews of products or places. I also run giveaways for products that I think people would like to win. But am I becoming faceless?

I want my blog to be somewhere to record what we’ve been up to as a family. I want the girls to be able to look back on it and remember the fun things we did together. I want them to be able to read about the difficult times too, because I think as children get older it’s important that they know why we made some of the decisions they might have disagreed with.


What I don’t want to do is overshare the children’s lives or be negative about them. I’ve read some interesting posts lately about oversharing on the internet. And I understand the concerns. I feel that sharing our lives online is just a part of life these days. Whether that’s on a blog or social media, and I’m comfortable with that. But what I won’t do is buy into the ‘my kid’s an arsehole’ school of blogging.

We all go through testing times with our children. It’s part of life. They push the boundaries, we drink wine. They grow up, we all drink wine together and then it’s their turn to have children. Their children push the boundaries, they drink wine. And so the whole sorry circle goes on. But I’d hate for my children to look at my blog in years to come and think that I felt anything negative towards them when they were young.

Our week

I haven’t had the greatest of weeks. I’m not feeling the love for my blog at the moment, and I’m lacking somewhat in motivation for life in general. But I’m sure I’ll soon snap out of it. In the meantime, we had a brilliant weekend visiting friends in the Cotswolds and watching England put up a rather fabulous performance in the rugby.

This was followed by a lazy Sunday, which we all needed. We spent the morning making our Easter Table decoration. Do you like it? On Monday, I had a funeral to go to and Lia had to tag along. As always she behaved brilliantly in the church and I was really proud of her.

Craft for children - an easy Easter table decoration. This is a great craft for kids to get involved with. There are simple bits for them to do such as fixing stickers on, while you can get on with the more complicated bits like glueing and sticking. This craft incorporates nature and allows you to bring a little bit of Spring into your home this Easter.


Our Thursday photo #149

This afternoon, the girls headed outside onto the trampoline while I made tea. We were messing about taking some photos together and I quite liked this one of all three of us.

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