The Vintage Sweetheart Dresses Review and Giveaway
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The Vintage Sweetheart Dresses Review and Giveaway

I have always been passionate about ethical shopping. Sadly the clothing industry can be one of the worst culprits for producing cheap garments at the expense of both quality and ethics. So I was delighted to find The Vintage Sweetheart who make fantastic quality products at reasonable prices without compromising on ethics.

The Vintage Sweetheart Dresses Review and Giveaway

About The Vintage Sweetheart

I’ve only recently discovered The Vintage Sweetheart but I instantly fell in love with the whole ethos of the company. They produce the most beautiful dresses for little girls and they’re all handmade in the UK. Better still, they donate £2 to a charity in India for every dress they sell.

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Mango Tree House

The Vintage Sweetheart support Mango Tree House. This is a charity registered in the UK that helps and supports the most disadvantaged children in Goa. Everyone who works for this charity is a volunteer, meaning that donations go straight to the children who need them. Their projects revolve around both education itself and all the essentials to allow children to perform at school. This includes the provision of health, nutrition and equipment. Their work allows children to break free of the poverty cycle and grow into successful adults.

The Vintage Sweetheart Christmas Range

The Christmas range from The Vintage Sweetheart is only available to order until this Sunday, 27th November. These dresses and accessories are absolutely beautiful so do check out their site if you are looking for a special Christmas outfit for your little one.

The Vintage Sweetheart Dresses Review and Giveaway

The Vintage Sweetheart Wendy Blooming Gorgeous Dress

The whole selection of dresses from The Vintage Sweetheart is absolutely stunning. The girls were delighted to be sent the Wendy Blooming Gorgeous dress. Libby’s is an age 5-6 and Lia’s is an age 2-3.

It says on the Vintage Sweetheart website that the sizes of the dresses come up quite large. This is because the founder is a mum herself, who was fed up of having to buy new dresses too frequently when her children grew. I can see that there is plenty of room in both dresses and I actually think Libby would get into Lia’s quite easily. Libby is a small four year old so in a 2-3 dress that does leave quite a bit of space.

The Vintage Sweetheart Dresses Review and Giveaway

That said, the dresses don’t hang off them or look too big because the ribbon around the middle pulls in the waist nicely. The one thing that annoys me about girls’ dresses is how they quickly become too short. These ones currently come well below their knees and even with a couple of years’ growth, I think they’ll still be at knee level so they won’t need replacing too soon.


The dress is made from 100% cotton with a scoop neck and a ribbon belt that ties at the back. The dresses are sleeveless with a flared skirt. The are also machine washable, which is a huge relief as my children can’t keep anything clean.

Win A Vintage Sweetheart Wendy Lemon Meadow Dress Age 18-24 Months

Vintage Sweetheart also sent me a beautiful Wendy Lemon Meadow dress to give away in a size 18-24 months. This dress is the same shape as the ones my girls are wearing above. It is also made in 100% cotton. The fabric is lemon with a floral design and a purple ribbon around it. It is an absolutely adorable dress and I was pleased to give a reader the chance to win it.

The Vintage Sweetheart Dresses Review and Giveaway

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