What to Do with Old Family Photos – 7 Ideas

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Family photos are more than just snapshots of the past; they hold cherished memories and connections to our loved ones. Instead of letting them gather dust in old albums or forgotten boxes, why not breathe new life into your old family photos? In this article, we will share 7 ways to use vintage pictures. You’ll find more creative ideas in this guide about what to do with old family pictures to give them a new life. Now, let’s take a look at some cool ways to preserve and share your precious memories in unique and meaningful ways.

1. Create a Photo Collage 

One of the most popular ways to display old family photos is by creating a photo collage. Gather your favorite photos and arrange them in a visually appealing manner on a large poster board or in a picture frame. By the way, it’s also easier and cheaper to frame all your pictures at once. You can organize them chronologically, by family branches, or even create a theme-based collage.

2. Make a Slideshow Video

You can also bring your old family photos to life by turning them into a captivating slideshow video. You can easily create a personalized video with transitions, music, and captions. It’s also a good idea to add a narrative or voiceover to make it even more engaging and to share the anecdotes and memories associated with each picture. Your slideshow can be played during family gatherings, reunions, or even shared online for distant relatives to enjoy. 

3. Personalize Your Calendar 

We all rely on calendars to keep track of our busy lives, so why not make that calendar a visual representation of your family’s journey? For instance, you can customize each month with a different family photo, adding a personal touch to your organization. And if you don’t want to spend much time designing it, you can use an easy program to make a calendar. There are 250+ ready-to-use templates – all you need to do is load your images, and your professionally designed calendar is ready to be printed out. You can create different types of calendars, such as wall posters, desk calendars, monthly or weekly planners, perpetual calendars, and more.

4. Get Creative with Jewelry

Another idea for what to do with old photos is to transform your pictures into wearable keepsakes by incorporating them into jewelry pieces. There are various ways to achieve this, such as creating photo pendants, charm bracelets, or even custom-made lockets. 

5. Craft a Family Tree with Pictures

Many people enjoy creating a family tree, and old pictures can take your project to the next level. You can begin with a large poster board or canvas and arrange your photos in a tree-like structure, with older generations at the top and younger generations branching out below. Here, you can add names, birthdates, and any other relevant information to create a visually stunning and informative piece of art.

6. Frame and Hang Them on a Wall

To give your old family photos the attention they deserve, you can try framing and hanging them on a wall. Choose a prominent area in your home, such as the hallway or living room, and create a gallery wall of your cherished memories. Not only will this add a personal touch to your decor, but it will also serve as a conversation starter when guests visit.

7. Share Old Photos on Stock Websites

Wondering what to do with old family photos no one wants? Believe it or not, lots of people might need vintage pictures, including graphic designers, content creators, and marketing specialists. If you have a collection of unique or historical family photos, consider sharing them on stock photography websites. Many people are looking for authentic vintage or historical images for various purposes like publications, advertisements, or artistic projects. 

By sharing your old family photos on these platforms, you not only contribute to the preservation of history but also have the opportunity to earn some extra income. But you need to make sure that you have the necessary rights and permissions for the photos you share and explore different websites to find the best fit for your collection.


Now you know a bunch of creative ideas for what to do with old family photos that you can choose from. Instead of letting your precious memories fade away in albums or boxes, you can use these 7 creative ways to give your pictures a new lease on life.

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