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Gift ideas for teachers

As the summer holidays approach, our thoughts turn to gifts for teachers. It has become traditional to buy something to thank them for their hard work throughout the year. The problem is though, what do you buy for someone you barely know? Sometimes children have a great idea of what they think their teacher will like. After all, they know them better than you do. Failing that though, here are a few gift ideas for teachers that might give you some inspiration.

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Something the children have made

Every now and then, I take the girls to paint a pot or plate at a local pottery café. There’s always a lot of dithering over what to buy, then the girls generally make something for their bedroom. It’s usually smashed within a few days. Instead, this is a fun activity that would solve the dilemma of what to buy for a teacher.

If a child paints something small but useful like an egg cup, the teacher will appreciate the work that has gone into it. There’s also a chance they might get some use out of it at home. If not, at least it doesn’t take up too much space.

Traditional gifts

A friend of mine used to be a teacher and she always looked forward to the traditional gifts at Christmas and in the Summer. You can’t go wrong with chocolate gifts or a bottle of something you know they enjoy. There’s no harm in asking the school office if they can let you know what sort of wine or chocolates your child’s teacher prefers. Flowers are another traditional favourite, although if you think they’ll be overrun with them it can be better to go for a plant instead. If you get one in a nice pot, it will be a constant reminder of your little cherub when they look at it on the windowsill.

Pink flowers on Heligan Campsite

Club together

If you’re worried about the class teacher ending up with a selection of small gifts they won’t appreciate, it’s sensible to get together with the other parents. Think of something the teacher would really love and buy one large gift between you. Ideas include a voucher for a spa day, tickets to see a band you know they love or an evening out at the local theatre. If they’re foodies, a meal at a local restaurant would go down well. Alternatively, a gift voucher from all the parents would allow them to treat themselves in whatever way they choose.

Something for the school

One thing all teachers have in common is their dedication to their class. That’s why there’s not much that makes them happier than seeing the school library well stocked with books and new play equipment in the playground. Most schools have a particular project they’re saving towards. If you’re unsure whether a teacher would really appreciate a gift, why not put the money into the school instead? Some schools have an Amazon wish list. If yours don’t, you could suggest they start one so all the teachers are able to start the new term with an injection of learning materials they would otherwise have been without.

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  1. A gift for the school is actually a very good idea! I have two teachers in the family and they do really appreciate the gifts they are given, but they can get a bit overrun with chocolates! My sister is teetotal like me, but always ends up with a few bottles of wine too. They would be more than happy for a gift to go to the school instead.
    Personally I always bought teachers books. I figured that being in that line of work they would almost certainly like reading, so I gave them a book I had enjoyed myself.

    1. Ooh that’s a good idea, I hadn’t thought of books. I might consider that for Libby’s current teacher, she seems like someone who would appreciate a good book!

  2. I think homemade gifts are the best type of gifts. They seem to mean more than bought one’s.
    What lovely ideas. Teachers deserve all the treats at this time of year x