Our Thursday Photo #10

Yet again I’m posting this a day late, as we’ve had such a busy couple of days. As usual though, the photo was taken yesterday. This week, Lia has really started to interact with Libby, as she seems to recognise the voices of her dad and sister. She always smiles when she hears one of them and gives Libby lots of smiles when she comes over to say hello. 

I continue to feel guilty about the lack of attention that Lia gets, she spends a huge proportion of her day just watching the world go by. This shows in how absolutely delighted she is every time someone looks at her, smiling and gurgling at them. The one person who does look after her and pay her plenty of attention is Libby. I really hope that this continues as they get older. Here they are playing together in Libby’s cot yesterday in our Thursday photo #10. 

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