Our Thursday Photo #11

Well, the summer holidays are here. Whilst my children are not old enough for school, the summer holidays still have a big effect even on pre-school children. Every week, we have our little routine that Libby enjoys. Mondays are a singing group, she goes to her nan’s on a Tuesday, Wednesdays are ballet, playgroup on a Thursday, nursery on Fridays and swimming Saturday. Sundays we tend to go out as a family. 

The structure that we have in place is ideal for Libby because she loves all of her activities. That said, it is even more ideal for me, since tiring Libby out every morning means that I get the afternoons to work. Hubby is home by 4.30 pm, just around the time when Libby wakes up so before Lia came along I was managing to work all afternoon and evening. Lia isn’t quite so accommodating because I have to feed her, but she has started to sleep in the afternoons, realising that it’s the only time Libby isn’t around to disturb her with her constant chatter! 

This week, we’ve managed to fill our days rather well. Her singing group is still on through the summer so that sorted Monday out. She still goes to her nan’s on a Tuesday, yesterday we went to a friend’s house for lunch and today I asked her what she would like to do. It was no surprise to me that she chose to go on the train. We just stay on for one stop, watch the trains coming and going while Libby has a milkshake and then we get the train home. This may sound incredibly dull, but Libby loves it, it’s her ideal day out. 

I will be writing another post about ideas for keeping busy this summer over the next few days (this one involves biscuits!) so for now, here is our Thursday photo #11, taken after we’d been on the train this morning. 

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