Our Thursday Photo #61

Well, the mystery of the spotty child continues.

I woke up this morning and the rash had faded, to the point that I was certain it was nothing – you could hardly see it.

Off we went to playgroup. By the time we got home at lunchtime, Libby was looking like SuperTed’s mate again.

We’re still not sure what we’re doing at the weekend and I’ve resolved to phone the doctor tomorrow if the rash is still there.

At least we can find out whether it’s contagious. No doubt it will be gone in the morning and then turn up again when it’s too late to get an appointment with the GP.

On the plus side, Lia’s hip X-ray came back clear. Which is great news, but doesn’t necessarily put us any further forward.

She is starting to take a few steps here and there on her own though. We’re hoping that when she finally gets moving, her odd stance will sort itself out.

Our other hospital appointment this week was about Libby’s eyes. Just a test to check that her eyesight isn’t deteriorating.

Which it isn’t – or at least it wouldn’t be if I hadn’t forgotten to take her glasses with us.

I think I’m in contention for the mum of the year award from the eye hospital for that one.

Despite having seemingly spent most of the week dealing with various ailments, we’ve actually had quite a good week.

We headed to Croome National Trust on Tuesday to meet up with some friends who have children of a similar age to ours.

I’ve always loved it there, but had somehow convinced myself that we’d have to pay for Libby when she turned three.

Fortunately, children are still free until the age of five, so we’ve got a couple more years yet.

As an added bonus, there are two playgrounds there that I’d completely missed on previous trips.

This was so exciting for the girls that it’s firmly on our list of regular days out for the summer holidays.

And on that note, do you have any other suggestions as to what to do with two small people for six weeks without their usual activities going on?

It seems like an awfully long time to have to think of things to do each day without spending a fortune.

We will of course spend a lot of time outside. Our Thursday Photo #61 was taken at the park.

And if you can go somewhere free and have this much fun, why wouldn’t you want to do it every day?

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