Our Thursday Photo #4

We are finally arriving at that point with Lia where she goes through periods of being alert and looking around rather than just either feeding or sleeping. This makes life a little bit easier during the day, I am just about managing to keep going with Libby’s usual routine, just feeding Lia for a few minutes at a time and she is fitting in with what we’re doing.

I’m finding the evenings really difficult, cooking tea whilst Lia screams and Libby tries to get my attention is difficult. Libby does help in the kitchen occasionally but it’s not always what she wants to do. Lia then spends a lot of time screaming in the evenings because she’s hungry so she feeds to fast. As a result she needs to be winded, so she screams… and so it goes on. 

Despite all this, Libby is still as happy as ever and still adores her baby sister. I find it really difficult to take a photo of the two of them where Libby is looking at the camera because she is much more interested in Lia. So here is our fourth Thursday photo, Libby isn’t looking at the camera but I think its lovely to see how interested she is in Lia.


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