Our Thursday Photo #47

As you may have noticed from my blog post yesterday, I’m doing my best to lead by example to teach my children positivity. 

I’d love to bring you a positive post today to say how well it’s going. But the fact is, it isn’t. 

We sat down to dinner yesterday and the conversation turned to what Libby wanted to do when she gets older. 

Libby is already desperate to be in a position to get a job. We have several family members who work in a local pub, so she thinks she’ll probably work there. 

This is partly because she wants to work where her aunts and uncle work, but also because she likes it there. They do good juice and nice crisps, what’s not to love? 

Libby has also suggested that Lia should probably work in our local library, because she loves books and enjoys the singing group we go to there. 

Whilst I’m not sure that working in the pub or the library will actually be their vocation in life, I love Libby’s thinking on this.

The fact that she wants to work and that she sees her future in a job she enjoys seems perfect to me. Work should be enjoyable.

Yesterday though, Libby’s usual positive outlook on life and growing up seemed to be somewhat lacking. 

We talked about the fact that when she is a little bit bigger, she will be able to go to school.

She knows that she’ll grow up while she is at school, and hubby tried to ask her what she wanted to do when she leaves. 

Her answer appears to say something about the way she views our lives as grown ups. 

Hubby: What do you think you’ll do when you leave school Libby? 

Libby: Well I’ll be a grown up then, so I’ll probably go somewhere nice and wait to die. 

Which I suspect is what she thinks we are doing as grown ups. How depressing. 

I definitely need to work harder at this positivity lark. 

Libby is reinforcing her negative outlook by refusing to smile for the camera. Lia on the other hand, has been practising. 

Lia’s development is coming along nicely, she is a lot steadier on her feet this week and she is saying a lot more words. 

She is saying mum, dad, dog, cat, more, ball, and book. There is also a word which is definitely supposed to be Libby, but it sounds absolutely nothing like it. 

But her main achievement for the week is her camera pout. As demonstrated in our Thursday photo #47. 

2015-04-02 18.52.51-2-1

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