Thursday photo #335

With just two more weeks to go until half term, it feels fortuitous that the schools are still open. Whilst Covid cases are rising again, there does seem to be some hope that education won’t be disrupted just yet. This past week has brought the first lot of really bad weather since lockdown began in March. I was concerned that we’d all end up a bit stir crazy with staying indoors, but I needn’t have worried. The girls insisted on getting out and about anyway.

Whatever the weather

I’ve always been a huge fan of getting outdoors regardless of the weather. This weekend though, the girls proved that they were even more hardy to the rain than me. On Saturday, they decided that they wanted to go out to play on their scooters and take some photos. The rain was absolutely torrential but they didn’t care at all. Dressed in warm coats, knee and elbow pads and cycle hats, they raced around the park. They loved having the park to themselves and seemed to quite enjoy scooting in the rain.

The next morning, it was still raining but they’d been promised a trip to a local skate park with their scooters. So off we went and yet again, they were the only ones in there. No waiting their turn or keeping their distance from others, they just did their own thing. We go to the skate park most Sunday mornings these days, so now the girls are crossing their fingers for rain next week.

It’s a good thing we all got plenty of exercise at the weekend because the girls also spent some time making fudge. I need to write up the recipe for the blog at some point but it’s basically just dark chocolate with caramel condensed milk. We popped some freeze dried raspberries on as a topping too. It’s delicious and so simple to make.

Autumn swimming

With the bad weather this week came a rise in river levels. It was the first time since about March that we had to call off our usual Monday river swim due to high water. Annoying though that was, it gave me a chance to swim with another lovely group of ladies in a little lake locally. I’m not a very sociable person at all, but open water swimmers are definitely the people I gravitate towards. They are always great fun.

I took a quick photo after getting out of the lake. Despite rather shaky fingers, I like the fact it is so obvious from the photo that it was an autumn swim. Much as I love warm summer days, there is something incredibly exhilarating about the plummeting water temperatures at this time of year.

Thursday photo #335

I took this photo of the girls on Saturday when they were messing about in the rain. It’s funny how happy children can be to just put on their wellies and get outdoors.

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  1. I can’t believe how good your picture is after getting out of the water. I really hope the level is back down this week as I need to go lol. In fact I may check how things are looking tomorrow.