Thursday Photo #136

Thursday Photo #136

Christmas really is creeping up on me this year. By this time next week we’ll be in the throws of preparing for the big day. And I for one am looking forward to a rest.

A busy week

This week has passed in a bit of a blur. Last Thursday evening, we all headed over to the Telford Steam railway to ride on the Polar Express. It was by some distance the best Christmas day out we’ve ever been on.

Thursday Photo #136

We were only on the train for about an hour, but everyone was totally in the Christmas spirit and they reenacted the Polar Express journey perfectly. Complete with hot chocolates, dancing waiters and the real Father Christmas delivering the first gift of Christmas to the children – a bell from his sleigh.

Thursday Photo #136

After a day to recover, it was time for round two of Libby’s show with her stage performance and rhythmic gym groups. This time, there were two shows on the Saturday and I went to watch the evening one. She did brilliantly and held her own with all the older children. Other than her size, the only thing that showed she was so much younger than them was the fact she was the only one to stop and wave to us!

Sunday was her swimming lesson and a lovely afternoon at soft play with a friend of mine and her niece. Then onto the last week of term. Libby’s nativity took place on Tuesday, with Libby playing Mary. All the children did an amazing job in the play and we were proud to hear Libby speak her line so confidently. After the nativity, Lia and I headed over to beautiful Dewsall Court in Herefordshire for the day. We both had a brilliant time and I was proud of how well Lia behaved.

Thursday Photo #136

Dewsall Court Country House Herefordshire

Christmas kicks in

It has been Christmas party after Christmas party all week at school and playgroup. This has meant different outfits to wear, cakes to bake and treats to take in. Lia had her first ballet lesson yesterday and today we went to watch Libby at rhythmic gym. Lia will be joining in with that next term as well. We still don’t have our Christmas tree up because I wanted to do it when we’ve all got time to enjoy it.

Tomorrow we’re off to Manchester to visit friends as soon as Libby finishes school, then at the weekend we’re going to watch the Sports Personality of the Year awards. For the first time ever, my sister will be putting the girls to bed as my husband and I will both be at the awards. I’m nervous and excited in equal measure!

This week, our Thursday photo #136 was actually taken last Thursday. I published last week’s post early because of the Polar Express. But I didn’t want to waste this gorgeous photo of two excited girls clutching their golden tickets and waiting for their magical train ride.

Our Thursday Photo #136Thursday Photo #136

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