Our Thursday Photo #25

Half term, even with two pre-schoolers is somewhat hectic at the best of times. During term time, we have a nice, easy little routine that involves a different club or activity each morning and a  nap in the afternoon. When it’s half term, this is all thrown a little out of kilter when the activities stop, and this week has been even more difficult because Libby had a tummy bug on Monday afternoon, forcing a day at home on Tuesday. We are rubbish at days at home and it involved far too much screen time watching nursery rhymes and Christmas songs on the computer because I let her do what she wanted owing to being poorly.

As a consequence of her day of nursery rhymes, we are now on a screen detox so there has been no TV or computer at all today. It has been a real relief to me, there are only so many times you can pretend to be happy and you know it.

So today, I told Libby that we were going out and she could go wherever she wanted and I’d buy her lunch of whatever she fancied. This didn’t backfire too badly, as she chose our usual day out of going one stop on the train, staying there for a bite to eat and coming home. Libby chose a banana milkshake and a salad, followed by a flapjack. This was her perfect day, and Lia also seems to be showing a rather unhealthy interest in trains, so she enjoyed the day just as much. Except when she finished her cucumber. At five months old, it seems, finishing your cucumber merits a total meltdown.

Meltdowns and train spotting aside, here is our Thursday Photo #25. Both girls love to sit with one of us to read a book, and when we’ve finished, Libby likes to tell Lia all about the book. Incidentally, we were reading The Snail and the Whale today, which my sister bought for us recently. What a lovely book.

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