Our Thursday Photo 104 - the latest in a series of photos of two sisters taken every week since the youngest was born.

Thursday Photo #104

Welcome sunshine, we’ve been waiting for you.

I can’t believe how late in the year the good weather seems to be starting this year. Only on Sunday, we left Avoncroft Museum in a huge rush because the heavens opened with rain, hail and even sleet. And yet today, everything is different.

The sun is finally here. We’ve spent virtually the whole day outside, walking about a mile to playgroup where all the children played outside for an hour. Then we walked home, still enjoying the sunshine. The girls were bundled up with hats and sun-cream instead of coats and gloves and it was wonderful.

We have finally managed to move the Wendy House from their bedroom and out onto the decking and at lunchtime, they sat in it and had a picnic in their very own house. We are somewhat lacking in tiny chairs for them to sit to their tiny table, so Lia had to sit on her wooden ride-on lamb instead. I’ll have to dig out another chair over the weekend to avoid her wrath.

Both girls have had a fabulous week, the extra day at the weekend really made a difference because it meant that we were able to have a nice day out, as well as me having a spare day to catch up a little bit on work and get out for a run.

Running is featuring a lot more prominently in my life at the moment, as is swimming. We’re up to just over eight miles at the weekend and ran 7 1/2 miles at last night too. This weekend we’re hoping to push it just a little bit further, up to around ten just to make sure I can do it. I’m pretty sure that if I can do ten, I’ll be ok for the half marathon next month.

The girls have had a relatively unremarkable week, except for our visit to Avoncroft on Saturday. They had a vintage fair on, which the girls adored. They went on swing boats, a little roundabout and a lucky dip, but by far their favourite part was the pony ride.

Libby used to ride quite regularly at nursery, but it was only Lia’s second time on a pony. They were both so confident and happy to be on there and it was lovely to watch. Much as I will be encouraging their love of horses, I do hope it doesn’t turn out to be their dream to own one. I’ve heard equestrianism is rather an expensive hobby.

Our Thursday Photo #104

Our Thursday Photo 104 - the latest in a series of photos of two sisters taken every week since the youngest was born.

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