Thursday photo #157

Well, it’s been an eventful week. I picked Libby up from school on Friday and decided to tag along with some other families who were off to play at the park. Lia did her usual trick of insisting on being pushed on the swing for what seemed like hours, while Libby played on a balance beam with her friend. The next thing I knew, Libby was on the floor screaming.

The safest thing in the park

I have to admit, for a minute there I was feeling quite smug. Other children were climbing or playing on the top of the slide. My two were on the safest things in the park. What could possibly go wrong? Well as it turned out, quite a lot.

I’m still not sure what happened really, but it involved a face-plant, smashed glasses and lots of blood. Luckily, a few of the parents were on hand with tissues and a first aid kit to help me clean her up and stop the bleeding. I was incredibly grateful to them all, I don’t know what I’d have done if I’d been on my own.

We were soon heading off to the minor injuries unit at our local hospital. They triaged her straight away and put a saline pad on her head. Within a couple of hours, they had glued her back together and we were on our way home. Not the start to the weekend that I’d hoped for but at least she wasn’t hurt too badly.

Rescuing the weekend

We had exciting plans for Saturday and on Friday evening I really wasn’t sure whether Libby would manage them. Luckily, she woke up the following morning none the worse for her ordeal. So after a trip to the opticians to order a new pair of glasses, we headed to beautiful Croome for a day of outdoor fun with Marianne and her adorable boys. After that, we had a quick dinner and headed to watch the incredible Chinese State Circus.

Chinese State Circus

Our usual Sunday plans went out of the window because Libby can’t get her cut wet at the moment so swimming didn’t happen. Instead, we made the most of the sunshine and took the dogs onto the hills for a walk. Both girls love being able to walk Bubbles on the lead now and we enjoyed watching them all run around together in the sunshine.

On Monday, Libby’s class toy came home for us to take photos of it joining in with our activities for the week. So far it has been to a drama class and done a lot of playing on the trampoline. Wednesday was Lia’s birthday, so I made a dinosaur land cake with the help of the fabulous Craft & Crumb. She is delighted to be three and loves her new scooter.

Craft and crumb dinosaur land cake review and giveaway

Our Thursday photo #157

Thursday photo #157  is brought to you courtesy of the class toy, a trampoline, a patched up eyebrow and a worn-out pair of tights. It’s funny what children find hilarious.

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