A review of the Snoozer cozy cave

This is an updated review of the Snoozer cozy cave dog bed, which we have now been using for nearly two years. Occasionally, a product comes along that really stands out. Since reviewing the cozy caves, we’ve recommended them to numerous people. Additionally, we’re often approached on campsites by other dog owners wanting to know where we got our Snoozer cozy cave from. So, this review will give you the pros and cons of the beds, where to get them from and how well they last over the years.

About the Snoozer cozy cave dog bed

The Snoozer cozy cave is like no other dog bed I’ve ever seen. It looks like an enormous cushion with a deep base. The cushion is filled with a comfortable, scented inner to prevent that awful smell that dog beds can develop. The machine washable cover zips off and and the part that the dog sleeps on has a warm, wooly lining. And the best part about it? The bed has a cover with an opening arch. So if it’s a bit chilly, they can just climb right in.

Our experience with the Snoozer cozy cave dog bed

When we first got a Snoozer dog bed, my first thought was of our old dog Pluto. We are unsure of his past but it was definitely a sorry tale of woe. We thought he was around 15 years old when we got the snoozer pet bed, he was certainly doddery and frail. With old age came a glum disposition. He retired himself from running and started to go home as soon as he was allowed off the lead. He decided playing ball was below him and instead spent most of his time asleep.

We received the Snoozer cozy cave dog beds in May 2017. The weather was sweltering, but this didn’t stop both the children and the dogs from venturing inside the cocoon dog bed to try it out. It wasn’t long before Pluto stopped venturing inside and tended to sit on top of the bed instead. We were surprised, but didn’t think much more of it.

Snoozer UK make a range of products for dogs. The cozy cave is a warm, cosy, washable dog bed that is so appealing I've emailed them to ask if they'd think about making one for humans!

Snoozer cozy cave design flaw

Before I go on to explain all the reasons we love the Snoozer cozy cave collection, I want to point out a design flaw. When the dogs had been using their beds for a few months, the solid piece of plastic that held the dog bed open fell out. Look at the photo below of our brand new Snoozer cozy cave. You can see that where the dog gets into the bed, the cover sticks up to make it easy to get in. The second photo is of a (rather dirty looking) bed that Bubbles is in now. As you can see, the fabric cover is completely flat.

Snoozer UK make a range of products for dogs. The cozy cave is a warm, cosy, washable dog bed that is so appealing I've emailed them to ask if they'd think about making one for humans!

For Bubbles, the fact that the washable cover is totally on top of her is something of a dream come true. As you can see, she treats it as a duvet and tucks herself right in. For Pluto though, it caused a real problem when the plastic came out. With hindsight, I realise that this was why he stopped climbing right into his Snoozer cozy cave.

Like any pet products, these beds are going to suit some animals more than others. However, if you do have an older dog then this is worth being aware of. Pluto eventually got into the habit of coming to tell us when he wanted to get into the bed, so we could lift the cover for him. Alternatively, he’d wait for Bubbles to sit up, which would lift the fabric so he could get in. I’m not sure all dogs would do this though, and as many people will be buying a Snoozer cozy cave to offer some warmth and comfort to older dogs, they may actually be unable to access it.

Advantages of a Snoozer cozy cave dog bed

The beds we were sent were the Snoozer cozy cave dog bed XL. Pluto was a large dog and the two dogs had a habit of sharing a bed even when two were available, so we knew we needed the largest size. Pluto was a large, greyhound-sized lurcher and Bubbles is a staffy cross, who is taller than a pure staffy. They both fit and slept comfortably together in one dog bed cave so individually, this luxury cozy bed XL would fit an enormous dog.

Snoozer UK make a range of products for dogs. The cozy cave is a warm, cosy, washable dog bed that is so appealing I've emailed them to ask if they'd think about making one for humans!

As you can see, the beds are so comfortable looking that the children piled in too. If I’m honest I’m a bit jealous I couldn’t fit in there myself. In fact when I shared a photo on Twitter and Instagram of Pluto in his new pad, the overwhelming response was that people wanted one for themselves.

Snoozer UK make a range of products for dogs. The cozy cave is a warm, cosy, washable dog bed that is so appealing I've emailed them to ask if they'd think about making one for humans!

Another huge advantage of the Snoozer cozy cave for us is that it’s ideal for camping. We camp in the Winter and always used to bring coats for the dogs to wear, but they still got chilly. As soon as we got the Snoozer dog beds, they were a lot more settled camping. If they got cold, they’d get in and bury themselves right inside. The beds must be so warm because they never shiver like they did just with coats on, even in the middle of Winter.

The final benefit we’ve experienced is the longevity of the Snoozer pet bed. Bubbles has always been a bed chewer. She also scratches at her bed before settling down and we used to get through hundreds of beds. Whilst the Snoozer cave beds are expensive, they last so much longer than regular beds.

Further information about the Snoozer cozy cave dog bed

  • Where to purchase the Snoozer cozy cave: You can purchase these dog beds direct from the UK retailer or the US retailer.
  • How much is a Snoozer cozy cave? These beds are expensive! At present, UK prices start from £79.99 for the smaller sizes. US prices start from $79.95.
  • How long does the Snoozer cozy cave dog bed last? We’ve had ours for nearly two years. We were given two to review and threw one away about two weeks ago as the dog had ripped the cover to shreds. We are down to one dog so only needed one bed so we decided to ditch it. If we hadn’t had another one then the one we threw out would still be going strong.
  • Is the Snoozer dog bed washable? It has a removable, machine washable cover that you can unzip, wash, dry and zip back on
  • Is the Snoozer cozy cave worth the expense? Absolutely yes. We have saved a fortune on dog beds since getting these because we used to replace them so often. We will definitely be buying another one whenever this one finally gives up, although I’ll go for a slightly smaller size now we’ve only got one dog.

Please note, we were sent the cozy cave dog beds to allow me to produce an honest review. All views, opinions, cozy dogs and cheeky children are my own.


  1. May 12, 2017 / 6:58 am

    Hi Nat, we definitely need a couple of these! Over the years we have had several different dog beds, at the moment we have three plastic ones with cushions in three sizes, but Buddy tends to sleep in the one he’s too big for and looks so uncomfortable (definitely not playing with a full pack!). A couple of these dog caves would keep all the dogs happy and comfortable and hubby could sleep in it when he’s in the dog box!


  2. May 12, 2017 / 10:15 am

    Oh those dog beds look so cosy! I’m not surprised Libby and Lia wanted to get in too – they look very inviting! 🙂

  3. May 14, 2017 / 8:04 am

    They look the best beds ever! When I had a do, he would have loved this. Mind you I think I would, do they do them for adults? so cosy x

  4. May 15, 2017 / 10:14 pm

    Gorgeous 🙂 I’ve seen nurseries with dog baskets for the kids to nap in as it allows them to access a place to nap and leave again in a way that cots don’t, I suspect these fluffy beds would be a big hit with the kids there too 🙂

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