Our Thursday Photo #34

Happy New Year! 

We started this year in the best possible way, putting Lia to bed at around 8 pm yesterday and not getting her up until 7.40 am today. This is the third time she has effectively slept through the night, but the first time she hasn’t been awake at 5 or 6 am for a feed. 

We decided to go to the cinema this morning to see Paddington. We enjoyed the film and Lia behaved immaculately throughout. Libby on the other hand couldn’t bring herself to sit still and ended up dropping her popcorn on the floor.

This wasn’t the end of the world, but there was a slight issue with her pronunciation of the word “popcorn”, leading to her going to great lengths to explain to all and sundry that she’d lost her cockporn. 

For me, the first day of the year has marked the start of an exercise streak. I’ve committed to doing at least ten minutes of exercise every day for the month of January. 

I know ten minutes doesn’t sound like much, but even on a day when I’m really snowed under with work, there is never any excuse for not finding ten minutes to get out for a run. I’m hoping I might even be able to extend the exercise streak beyond January.

This morning, I started my exercise streak with a short run (2 miles) before 9 am. I really enjoyed this, particularly on New Year’s day with nobody around. My running buddy was not so keen, I have a feeling Pluto isn’t going to enjoy January. 

Libby and Lia are interacting more together as the weeks go by, and Libby does a particularly good voice over for Lia. At the time I was taking this photo, Libby was saying, “Lia’s saying, ‘Oh mum, what are you doing, can I see your photo?'” 

Here is our Thursday Photo #34


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