Our Thursday Photo #27

This week has mostly been about sleep deprivation… again. Lia is very, very much a mummy’s girl, to the extent that last night I went out running for just over an hour. By the time I got back, she was absolutely beside herself, because she’d woken up and I wasn’t there. This made me feel terribly guilty for going out, and didn’t make for a particularly good night of sleep either, since she woke up several times in a panic before I even made it to bed.

This led to yet another stupidly late night and, having been up twice between 12.30 and 4.30 am, I reluctantly turned off my alarm that had been set for 5.30 and resigned myself to the fact that for the second time this week, I wouldn’t make it to morning swimming training.

In theory, morning training is really appealing, as I can get up, swim and get home before the girls get up and before hubby goes to work. This week in desperation, I’ve bought the “No-Cry Sleep Technique” book. Sadly with all the sleep deprivation, I haven’t had time to read it! If you happen to have a success story regarding this (or any other) sleep book, please do let me know in the comments, I am grasping at straws for some thread of hope that a decent night’s sleep is on the cards for me before too long!

Today, my sister’s boyfriend, who is a fabulous photographer, popped over to take some photos of Lia to practice for a baby photo shoot that he’s got coming up. Of course, Libby wanted to get in on the act, so they both had a few snaps taken. Whilst all the proper photography was going on, I took the opportunity to take a quick snap of the girls enjoying themselves. So here is our Thursday Photo #27.

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