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Thursday photo #161

It seems like so much longer than a week ago that we were on holiday in the sunshine. Whilst I’m missing chilled out days strolling by the coast and sitting around a campfire, it’s actually a relief to get back into a routine.

The holiday comedown

Last week was just the break we all needed. We had a lovely week camping as a family, quickly followed by a mini-break at the fabulous Bank House hotel and spa for me. Our journey back from holiday was long and rather tiring. The only problem with using our trailer tent is that you have to drive so slowly when you’re towing it. After that journey, my spa break couldn’t have come at a better time. By the time I came home on Saturday, I felt thoroughly relaxed.

A review of the Bank House hotel and spa in Worcestershire

Sunday was swimming day as usual, plus a few minutes spent doing Libby’s homework for the week. Homework always seems to get left to the last minute in our house. But I’m a firm believer that they would miss out on so much learning if they spent too long on homework.

The birthday countdown

This week has been all about Libby’s birthday. She has been excited about it for months. Seeing all her friends having their birthdays and going to their parties has made her very aware that she is one of the last to turn five. She’s not having her birthday party this weekend, but her birthday is on Sunday.

We’ve decided to invest in a really good bike for her. She is doing well on the one she’s got, but it’s so heavy with such tiny wheels that it’s difficult. I’m looking forward to being able to take her out for a proper bike ride after her birthday.

Our Thursday photo #161

As you might expect, our Thursday photo #161 has a birthday theme. Party bags and supplies kindly sent us Libby’s party bags in return for a post on my Instagram. I loved the photo so much I had to share it on here as well.

The girls were deep in discussion about the best way to blow bubbles. In the meantime, the wind had picked up and was blowing the bubbles for them. The innocence of childhood.


Please note, the party bag featured in this photo was given to us free of charge in return for a post on Instagram. I was not asked to feature it on my blog but it was my favourite photo from the week.


  1. June 8, 2017 / 8:54 am

    Hope Libby has the best birthday! I can relate to the late birthday thing as it’s still nearly three weeks until my eldest’s birthday. I often forget his isn’t 16 as he’s doing his GCSEs. It’s crazy that he will have finished them before he turns 16. If you saw him you would think he’s at least 17!

    • June 11, 2017 / 7:35 am

      Thank you Sarah. I was still 15 when I did my GCSEs too, my birthday is July. Your son sounds like he is very mature for his age as well.

  2. June 8, 2017 / 11:19 am

    Aww I hope Libby has the best birthday. Sounds like a lovely week and love the photo of you in the garden seat. xx

    • June 11, 2017 / 7:33 am

      Thank you Susan, we had a lovely week.

  3. June 9, 2017 / 12:33 pm

    I hope Libby has a great birthday on Sunday. Alice is the same waiting for it to be her turn to turn 5! Gorgeous photo of the girls x

    • June 11, 2017 / 7:32 am

      Thank you Laura, the day is finally here, she’s so pleased to be 5!

  4. June 12, 2017 / 7:59 am

    Happy belated birthday to Libby! She will be so excited with everything, 5 is a great age! My son is one of the last of his friends to turn 6, he’s already getting annoyed when everyone asks ages and then inevitably they all say ‘I’m 6 already, I’m bigger than you’! x

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