Thursday Photo #167

The past week has gone by in a blur and we’re all well and truly ready for a holiday. Luckily, holiday season starts tomorrow for us. Well, for me at least.

The birthday weekend

Last Friday, I spent the day with old friends and the evening with new friends. I caught up with an old friend in the morning and another one at lunch time. It was pure chance that I saw them both on the same day, but it made me realise how much I miss them both being around. I then had dinner with a new friend and fellow blogger, Emma. We have met briefly before but it was great to catch up properly at Siamais restaurant. We talked all evening and the time flew by. Our dinner and drinks were amazing too.

Siamais Thai Restaurant Brindley Place Birmingham Review

Saturday was my birthday, so my husband and I went out for dinner. It is incredibly rare for us to go out without the children these days and we had a lovely evening. We went to a local restaurant called Terrace on the Hill. They do a seven course taster menu for £39.50 on a Friday and Saturday night. They use local ingredients and the chef is incredible. It comes highly recommended.

Libby had a busy weekend with two birthday parties and Lia was able to tag along to one of them. The party they both went to was at Newbridge Farm Park and from what I’ve heard, it was a resounding success. I’ve never been there before and their dad took them on this occasion, so I’m adding it to my summer holiday list. Definitely worth a visit during the six weeks off.

All or nothing

I wrote last week about the emotional rollercoaster of freelance work. It really is all or nothing, and this week it has most definitely been all. Things have been pretty busy here anyway in the run-up to the end of term. Finding time to work has been difficult and I’ve had absolutely loads to do. As usual, I’ve ended up neglecting my blog and social media. But it’s reassuring to know that they’re still there when my deadlines pass.

My exercise regime has gone out of the window this week as it always does when I’m busy. What with that and the immense amount I’ve eaten this week, I daren’t even look at the scales. Luckily I’ve still been walking the dogs, which always does a great job of keeping me sane. Especially with views like this.

Thursday photo #167

I thought it would be a lovely idea to take a photo of the girls together today. It was the last time they’d be in the same ballet class – for now at least. So of course, instead of posing nicely together, they were jumping around pulling faces, before launching into a fight. The reality of life with siblings. Remind me again how I’m going to cope with them for the next six weeks?

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