Thursday photo #285

Isn’t it amazing how much better you feel when you take time to do something for yourself? Since starting to swim in the river last year, I’ve become more capable of taking time for me. I used to think that self-care had to be about a spa day or doing something relaxing. Wild swimming has made me realise that you don’t necessarily have to relax to de-stress. Whilst I’m not averse to a spa day or massage, a swim, run, horse ride or trip to the theatre is just as good. I’m pretty sure I’ve been less stressed since getting a cat too, there’s just something about them that is so calming.

Slow days

As a family, we’re fairly terrible at having slow days. It’s symptomatic of working as a blogger, we always seem to have something planned in. This weekend though, we had Disney on Ice (gifted tickets) booked for Saturday. We usually go along to the press event after school, so going on a Saturday afternoon was a real treat. We watched the rugby in the morning before I walked the dog and we all headed over to Birmingham on the train. We arrived early and had lunch at Wagamama’s before heading to the show.

As always, the show itself was brilliant. It was made even more fun by the relaxed pace of the day. We rushed to the train for both journeys of course. My husband got lost on his way to Wagamama’s, because that’s how we roll. But despite all that, we had the sort of relaxing day that other people talk about. I might even be a convert.

Toy Story characters Forky and Woody in Disney on Ice 100 year celebration
Forky and Woody in the Disney on Ice 100 year celebration show

Parents evening

On Monday, it was our turn for parents’ evening. It’s always lovely to have a proper chat with the teachers who spend so much time with our children. Both girls are doing fine, although Lia needs to put a little more effort into life in general. But we knew that already.

Libby’s teacher referred to her as a leader and someone who is relentless in everything she does. This seems like a fair description because she’s certainly relentless at home. Once she’s got an idea in her head, there’s absolutely no stopping her.

Thursday photo #285

I took this photo when a delivery of chocolate arrived just before we were due to leave for the girls to go to ballet. They asked to have a chocolate before we left and I said yes, as long as I could take a photo of them. Eating chocolate in white ballet uniform, what could possibly go wrong?

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  1. How fab for Libby at parents evening! I always believe that’s the best quality at school. It was often high praise if I said that. Love Disney on ice. Always enjoyable. Hope you get more time for yourself!

  2. I don’t even trust myself with white clothes, let alone small kids! Glad you had a relaxing time at Disney on Ice.
    I always used to think ‘self-care’ meant spa days etc too and I don’t like the idea at all. But like you I’ve realised that in my case it means something more active. For me, self-care is running and reading. If I can manage both in a day, I’m happy!

    1. Haha, no I’m not great with white either! Yes, running and reading both qualify as self-care for me too and I feel quite lucky to have such easy things to fit into my day. Although I often don’t get as much time doing them as I’d like!