Thursday photo #150

I seem to be on some sort of conveyor belt. I spend at least 50% of my waking hours every week complaining that I’ve got too much to do. Clearly, this detracts from the time I can actually spend getting things done. And then it comes to the weekend. My husband is off work so he can have the kids and I can work, right? Wrong.

Work-life balance

The problem is, my family have this awful habit of doing fun things at the weekend. I know right? So inconsiderate. So I can either sit in front of a computer screen working, or just give up AGAIN and go off and have fun.

Everyone says you have to be disciplined to work from home. Oh, and organised. Well, take it from me, you don’t. I have proved to myself time and again that I have the self-discipline of an errant bouncy ball. My husband will vouch for the fact that my organisation skills are second to none. Okay they’re just none. But, I do have a secret weapon.

How do I manage to work from home without being disciplined or organised? Well the trick is to exist in a semi-permanent state of grumpy. I tend to be so cross about how much work I’m not doing that nobody wants to talk to me. So I at least avoid time-sapping niceties such as going out for coffee, socialising and making small talk.

A trip to the zoo

I headed off for the day on Saturday for Natalie‘s wedding. She was a beautiful bride and the whole day was fun and colourful. It was great to catch up with Martyn too. While I was there, my husband took the girls to Bristol Zoo. Apparently they had a brilliant day, but when I asked what their favourite things were, Libby said her sticker book and Lia said her jelly. You win some, you lose some.

Thursday photo #150

It seems like quite a milestone that I’ve been doing these weekly photos for 150 weeks now. From the week Lia was born and the little girl holding her baby sister, we’ve come so far to these two best friends. They’re wearing their red noses this week to get ready for comic relief. Libby has to dress all in red tomorrow, which is apparently extremely exciting when you’re four years old.

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