Thursday Photo #102 - the latest in a series of emails of two sisters from the birth of the youngest to the present time

Thursday Photo #102

During the past week, I have really started to feel like I’ve turned a corner. I wrote about the negative impact of tiredness, and how I didn’t even realise how much it had affected me until I started to feel a bit better.

Last weekend, I went on a proper night out for the first time since my hen do in Amsterdam nearly 5 years ago. It was amazing to see some old friends and be relieved of my duties as mum for a few hours. I’ve even discovered a new found ability to get up early and get on with my day without being hit too hard by the dreaded hangover. I’m pretty sure an early start and a greasy breakfast was the miracle cure!

We really made the most of the weekend too, with a day out to our local safari park on Saturday, I got out running on Sunday and then we all went for a swim. Work has been busy for me, but in a really good way. I’m loving what I’m doing and not finishing too late at night.

Lia had her first day at nursery on Friday and it went remarkably well. She has always been exceptionally attached to me, and reluctant to go anywhere without me. My husband dropped her off on Friday and she didn’t even notice he’d left. When we picked her up, she said she’d enjoyed it and was adamant that she wanted to go again next week.

After a long and nervous wait, we finally heard about Libby’s primary school application on Saturday. We were delighted that she has got into our first choice of school. It feels like a real weight has been lifted off our shoulders. I’m confident she will be happy there, and to me, that’s all that matters.

The other bit of excitement this week was working out what to do about Libby’s birthday party. She has been desperate to have a party for a few weeks and kept talking about having it somewhere that had soft play and a bouncy castle.

The only place we’ve ever been that had both soft play and a bouncy castle was Bluestone. With that being a good 3 hours drive from here, we thought it would be a massive ask to find anywhere else that lived up to Libby’s expectations.

Fortunately, we have found somewhere really local that fulfils all of Libby’s criteria. So, she’s going to share a party with her lovely friend who has a birthday around the same time. All the catering and entertainment will be taken out of my hands and all we’ll have to do is turn up and enjoy it. Perfect.

These two get closer and closer every week. Lia has been told off a few times recently, which is a bit of a first for her and it has upset her. Whenever she gets upset, she goes running to Libby, who does her very best to cheer her up.

Our Thursday photo this week is in black and white for one reason only – there was an unacceptable amount of dinner down them and I couldn’t be bothered to get them changed. And this is what they did when I asked them to be sensible and smile nicely for a photo…

Our Thursday Photo #102

Thursday Photo #102 - the latest in a series of emails of two sisters from the birth of the youngest to the present time

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