Thursday photo #188

Times like this remind me how lucky I am to work predominantly as a blogger.

It’s that time of year where I’m lucky to be able to go to nativity plays and concerts. The school closing for snow days reminded me of how difficult it would have been if I’d had to go out to work. And with a four week holiday coming up, I need the flexibility to be with the girls.

No such thing as downtime

Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when blogging work is in short supply. So, I have to take on freelance work to keep us going. And it’s time consuming. I’m very fortunate to be able to pick up work as and when I need it, but in the run up to Christmas, I didn’t expect to be working as many hours as I am. So, if you wonder why I’m not blogging as much, I’ll be taking it easy for a while.

With the long hours I’m putting into work, the rest of my days will be spent with the girls. I don’t want to end up only giving them half of my attention while I blog. So, December may be a little quiet here. But all is well.

Show days and snow days

Last weekend, the girls were both due to take part in a ballet show. This is the third time Libby has taken part, but the first time she’s done ballet. She was in two dances – one with her ballet group and one with her drama group. Both were brilliant and it’s great to see her holding her own rather than watching the others and being one step behind.

It was Lia’s first ever show, and I was a bit worried that she would get upset as it’s so new. But as usual, she proved me wrong. She ran on at the end of a line of tiny ballerinas. I’d forgotten that she was so much smaller than the rest of her class, all of whom are a year older than her. As she came onto the stage, everyone said ‘awww’. The cuteness of being tiny was amplified by the enormous smile on her face, which stayed there throughout her dance.

Sadly, the show on Sunday had to be cancelled due to the snow. Much as Libby was looking forward to it, cancelling was definitely the right decision because the roads were treacherous. School and preschool were also cancelled for two days this week, and we’ve been having lots of fun in the snow. The girls had their first go at sledging, snow angels and snowball fights. It was lovely to have them at home for an extra couple of days.

Our Thursday photo #188

Our Thursday photo #188 is of my two little snow angels.

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  1. Your snow looks AMAZING! Ours was nothing like as good as that. Loved reading about Lia in the ballet show. Cuteness is a very valuable commodity! As my daughter is in a class of Year 9s to Year 13s, she’s still managing to hold her own with the cuteness, despite being 11.

    1. Oh isn’t that strange that you didn’t get so much snow despite being so close by? It was wonderful here! Great that your daughter is still managing cute at 11, there’s hope for my two then!

  2. Hi Nat, what lovely snow you had! Your girls must have had the best time playing in it… It sounds like you have a little show stopper there, cute things really do come in small packages… Enjoy taking a step back for a bit, Christmas is a special time of year and we all need a break sometimes.


  3. HI Nat, If you dont mind me asking where did you get those snow suits from? I’ve been looking cant seem to find any that are robust enough for my little devils.

  4. Love the snow angels photo. Looks like they were having a wonderful time in the snow. Well done to Libby and Lia on their ballet show too. It is nice that working from home can give you that flexibility but it can be hard to fit the work in around having the children home for the holidays too.