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Happy New Year! Blogging and social media took a back seat here over the school holidays and the break was definitely welcome. That said, some time away has definitely increased my motivation. It’s good to be back.

Depiction of the environment as a reason to do Veganuary. Image of a river reflecting the sky.

Reverse resolutions

I’ve never really been one for new year’s resolutions, but this year I’ve taken that attitude a bit further. Taking a step back from work for a few weeks has made me realise that for the past year or so, I’ve been getting it all wrong. I’ve been so worried about getting everything right, that I’ve hardly been blogging or posting on Instagram and Facebook at all. So this year, I’ve decided to stop trying to do everything perfectly and just write what I enjoy.

I don’t have any personal resolutions either. This year, I’m doing the London Marathon and a local triathlon. I’m taking part in Veganuary, with a view to improving my diet in general. I really don’t feel like I need the added pressure of new year’s resolutions. So instead, I’ll be taking the pressure off. Giving myself a break, asking the children to do more for themselves and worrying less about getting everything right.


Just over a year ago, Lia learnt to ride a bike. At that time, Libby was just learning to use her brakes properly but was still finding it difficult. Fast forward to this year, and we spent new year’s day cycling in the Forest of Dean. Both girls are now starting and stopping easily and using their brakes to slow them down. We had intended to buy Libby a new bike for her next birthday, then give hers to Lia. But our day cycling has made us realise that both girls are ready for gears.

We’ll be getting them measured up for new bikes over the next few months, so they can have bikes with gears for their birthdays. Whilst we’re not looking forward to the expense, it will be great being able to cycle pretty much anywhere and know that they’ll manage the hills.

Ice skating

The girls have been ice skating a few times at events we’ve attended, and always enjoyed it. Ridiculously though, there’s an ice rink ten minutes walk from our house and we’ve never been. We decided to change that this holiday, so we spent a morning skating. It was quite hard work on my own with the two of them as they’re both like Bambi on ice. But with the help of a ride-on seal, we survived and had quite a good morning. Libby was desperate for me to take a photo to send to her friend who has recently moved away. So despite it not being the greatest quality photo ever, I thought I’d share it because it’s one they’re really proud of.

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  1. I love that the girls are so brilliant at cycling! I’m surprised you’ve never been to the ice rink before, but I can imagine it must be quite challenging with one of you and two of them!
    Taking a step back from things is usually a good idea. I don’t make new year’s resolutions either. If I want to change things, I change them. I don’t have to wait until the new year to do it!

    1. That is such a sensible approach, I definitely need to make changes this year but it is going to have to wait until the children go back to school so definitely not new year!

  2. Hi Nat, it sounds like you enjoyed your time off. Time off is precious and enables us to refresh and reset ourselves by giving us time to think. I can be doing with resoloutions either, too much pressure which would automatically set me up for failure… After seeing a whole newspaper article based on how to get the ‘perfect’ Christmas tree had planned to write a post on perfection and questioning what it really is (and if there is really there such a thing? I’d like to think most people would opt for fun over perfection, fun makes us smile whilst striving for perfection is wrinkle inducing… Your girls have really taken to cycling which can only mean plenty of outdoor fun for the family. I bet they take to gears alot faster than ice skating without stabilisers. I have this image of little Bambis in my head now.