Thursday photo #202

This has been the first of a few incredibly busy weeks here. Life does seem to be full of contrasts. For months, I can work exclusively from home and speak to nobody. Then I end up with a month or so of travelling quite a bit around the country and being uncharacteristically sociable.

The eye patch

It had been noted a couple of times at the eye hospital that Libby’s left eye was weaker than the right. This was corrected by her glasses. Sadly, the last time we went, the sight in her left eye had deteriorated. I think I’d always known that she would have to wear a patch on her eye at some point. But I’d always hoped she would get away with wearing it at home instead of school.

Luckily, as soon as patches were mentioned Libby took it in her stride. She understood exactly why she needed them and that they would work better if she wore them to school. So as soon as we got home, she asked to wear her patch. It needs to be on for between two and four hours a day every day. She has decided to wear it to school in the mornings and take it off at lunchtime. She even chose to wear it to a party on Sunday so she could show her friends before wearing it to school.


My greatest fear for my daughters is that they will be bullied at school. There’s no worse feeling than being singled out, being different. Being an outsider. Libby is an incredibly confident girl who can be loud, bossy and overbearing. She doesn’t have one particular friend in her class at school but they all seem to mix in well as a group. Still, I couldn’t help but worry that sending her in with a big patch over one eye would make her a target.

I’m so glad to say that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Libby came back from the party telling me how much everybody liked her eye patch. Nobody had laughed at her or treated her differently. In fact, they all seemed genuinely interested and made her feel special – in a good way.

I read sad stories on social media every day about children struggling to find their place. Bullies making them feel sad and small. I know deep down that there’s no way my girls will get through childhood without facing some of this. But Libby’s little class of five and six year olds are stronger than that. Instead of kicking her when she was down, they have helped her up. And I couldn’t be more grateful to them and to the families who brought them up to be so kind and thoughtful.

Thursday photo #202

I can’t believe that in March, I’m posting yet another photo of the girls in the snow. We didn’t have much time to get out in it on Sunday, but in the late afternoon we all headed off to go sledging. We keep telling the girls that this will be the last time until next year. But apparently the weather forecast is predicting a white Easter. Did I mention we’re going camping over Easter??

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  1. Young kids are amazing! Love that Libby was excited to wear her patch and that the kids in her class accepted it so well. My son was in reception when he started wearing his glasses. He came home and said everyone wanted to be his friend!

  2. So glad that Libby’s classmates made her feel special about her eye patch in a good way. It is hard when there is something that makes your child different and it does make you worry about bullying. So far we’ve also had positive experiences though and long may they continue! That photo of the daffodils with the snow in the background and I love the photo of Libby and Lia having fun in the snow. We’ve certainly had plenty of it this year!

    1. That’s great to hear that your experiences have been positive too. And yes, totally over snow now although if we get more we’ll be back out with the sledges again!

  3. Nat, Libby sounds like such a confident little live-wire, if there’s anyone that can cope with the stigma that might come with a patch then she can! I would say that her confidence will stand her in very good stead here and she’ll pave the way for others who might have to endure something that is less than perfect in their lives. Love the snow pic, looks like they’re having a blast! xx

    1. Thank you, I think you’re right. The confidence has surprised me this week actually. Although there are the moments when confidence turns to attitude and I’m not so happy about it 😉

  4. Hi Nat, it was only the other day that we were discussing that we never seem to see children wearing eyepatches or having their arm in plaster. I think any parent will fully understand your worries about bullying, it’s the lowest of the low, but Libby has a good bunch of friends there and I hopes he stays close to them throughout her school year… A white Easter? That sounds cold and crazy and totally not good for camping ( I look forward to the post)… We are heading to the mainland today for a weekend of hiking and it is blowing a right hooley out there. I’m not sure if I want the ferry to be running! Have a great weekend.