Thursday photo #218

It seems like we’ve been winding down ready for the summer holidays for months. It’s the combination of the amazing weather and children who are totally ready for six weeks off. We’ve got some really exciting things planned this Summer. Both a beach holiday and a trip to London, plus our usual disorganised mystery tour that we still haven’t got around to booking. That one could take us anywhere in the UK. But there’s the small matter of one last week of school first.

Thinking about moving

We’ve been thinking about moving for an inordinate amount of time. It became more pertinent when the girls started school a little way away from where we live. But it was never the right time, or the right house. And actually, we’re okay where we are. Moving is such a lot of hassle.

Recently though, we’ve been looking a bit more seriously. Our life seems to be slowly migrating towards where the girls are in school and there have been a few houses that have come onto the market there recently. One in particular has caught our eye and we went to look around it last week.

We’re taking things quite slowly, taking the attitude that if it’s meant to be, it will all work out fine. I’ve got a big freelance contract on at the moment, which ends next week. So after that, we’ll be getting our house valued. I’m getting a few quotes for the bits of work that need doing here. And we’re crossing our fingers that by the end of the year, our daily dog walks might look a bit like this.

Soon it will be you

Last weekend, Libby went to one of many birthday parties. They tend to go through a bit of a run of them and we’re definitely in one of those times at the moment. It was a hot day, so I got the paddling pool out for Lia. She was delighted, but couldn’t wait for Libby to get home and play in it with her.

It seems like Lia has spent years waiting for Libby, or waiting for her turn. Slowly, she has started to join in with things. First ballet, then drama and now swimming lessons. And next year, her class will be having parties and she’ll be invited.

I’m not sure why, but it has made me think about how strange it will be when Libby goes off to university and leaves Lia behind. By then, will they be even closer or will they have drifted apart in favour of their own lives and friendship groups? I don’t wish away the time at all, but I do look forward to seeing how things develop for these two little girls when they embark on school life together.

Thursday photo #218

I took this photo last Thursday on Lia’s taster day at school but because I publish my blog posts first thing, I missed out on sharing it last week. I think it’s the first time I’ve shared a photo of Libby with her eye patch on, but she’s so proud of it I felt like I should. When she first had it, I worried about how children at school would treat her when she wore it. But it seems that she, and all the other children, have taken it in their stride.

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  1. I just love how proud Libby is of her eye patch – long may that attitude last. That photograph at the top of your girls is absolutely brilliant! Good luck with your house move plans, fingers crossed we will have more amazing photography from you. xx

  2. What a lovely photo of the girls! I think young kids are very accepting of difference, it’s only in the last few years of primary they start to be nasty about certain things.
    Fingers crossed you are able to move.
    You made me laugh imagining the girls all grown up and Lia at home while Libby is at uni. I do hope they stay friends. My boys were very close as young children, but grew apart a bit when my eldest went to secondary and even further apart when my younger son went to secondary. Sadly they have very little time for each other these days. x

  3. Hi Nat, those last few weeks of summer term do seem to go on for eternity and are always so busy with children doing stuff. At least once the hoildays are here you’ll get that real holiday feeling of long summer days and no mornng stress (unless it’s work related)…It looks like your planned move is to an equally beautiful area and I’m sure things will work out, they usually always do… That is a lovely photo of your girls, Lia’s school dress is swamping her tiny body, but I bet she felt gimungous and all grown up inside… I can’;t remember the last time I saw a child wearing an eyepatch, I thought it was something that happened in olden times (I do remember several children wearing them when I was at school!) It is fab that Libby has had no problems wearing it. Children are so much more accepting than we expect when left to their own devices. And Libbys patch looks far jazzier than the ones back in the day, which helps.


  4. Good luck with the house! As for the eye patch, when I used to help out at our primary school there were at least 4 different children with an eye patch at some point in that time, none of the children paid any attention to them 🙂 and I love that she’s proud of it!

    Stevie x

  5. Ah look at them in their uniform together, I can’t wait for September to see my girls like this. Good luck with the house move, we were the same and moved closer to the girls school and we haven’t regretted it. In fact it was the best thing we did x

  6. My daughter used to wear a patch, and we had the one with ladybirds on it, too! They make such nice designs.

  7. I am not missing the need for the end of term at all and hope this week flies by for you all. I hope your house hunting isn’t taking you further away from me but good luck. Hope you enjoy the summer – I bet it will go so quickly as it always seems to do. We shall have to arrange a meet up when your freelancing job is completed.