Our Thursday Photo #53

A week that should have been all about Lia’s first birthday has ended up being predominantly about flu. 

Sadly, Lia’s birthday itself was only a minor event. The girls were both a bit under the weather and hubby and I were both in the worst stages of it. 

Nevertheless, we managed a morning out at Weston’s Cider in Herefordshire. They have a couple of shire horses and some lambs and sheep there, as well as a park and a café. 

Both girls genuinely loved it. Lia spent ages standing right next to the sheep and lambs. They were quite tame but didn’t want to be touched. Which was just fine by Lia, she is reluctant to touch anything unusual, even play dough. 

Since then, I’ve been desperately trying to shake off the flu. Today I’m back to feeling fairly human again, which is rather a relief. 

The one good thing to have come out of the flu is that I took on a little less work for a few days. So as I’ve started to feel better, I’ve managed to catch up with some admin and get on with my new venture. 

Next week, I intend to be working full time on the palm oil free marketplace so some preparation time this week has been a bit of a godsend. 

Libby’s behaviour has been a bit wobbly this week. Most of it has been due to being under the weather, but I can tell that she’s also a little bit jealous of Lia. 

Libby loves birthdays, whoever happens to be celebrating. But it was probably the most attention Lia has ever had. And to top it all off, Lia’s just getting to an age where she needs a bit more attention all the time. 

So when we see friends and family, they interact with Lia almost as much as Libby. I know this is a problem to Libby, she really is used to being the in the limelight. 

Mercifully, Libby’s taking out her frustrations about that on us rather than on Lia. They still get on fabulously.

Lia can walk holding one hand now, and Libby is just learning to walk along with her, helping her to stay upright. And I took our Thursday Photo #53 whilst Libby was sharing her ice lolly with Lia. 

So for now, they still seem to be getting along fabulously. Long may it continue. 

2015-05-14 19.19.22


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