Thursday photo #232

As the sunny days get fewer and further between at this time of year, I find myself appreciating each one a little more. There are many advantages to working from home, but the main one for me is being able to get outside in daylight every day. It makes the darker months of the year so much more bearable.

A much awaited achievement

Libby has been having swimming lessons since she turned four years old. To start with, she progressed quickly, whizzing through the early groups. She could already swim, so when the assessments only required her to go along on her front or back, it was easy for her.

As time went on though, it started to become more difficult. Perfecting difficult stroke techniques as a small six year old is a challenge. So, for quite a while she has been swimming in stage 5. She was the smallest in her group by a long way and whilst her techniques were improving, she was slow. Everyone else was bigger and stronger than her and it looked like she’d stay in that group for a while longer.

These past few weeks though, something has changed. She’s still a long way behind the others in her group in terms of speed, but she’s getting the strokes right. Mastering bilateral breathing, getting the timing right on breaststroke and even managing feet-first skulling and treading water.

And it turns out that being big, fast and strong and keeping up with the others isn’t necessary. She has finally mastered the techniques she needed to move up into stage 6. This has really spurred her on because when she passes stage 7, she’s allowed to start playing water polo and try out for the swimming club. I’m slightly dreading it because I know how much time swimming took up when I was a child, but I’m also pleased for her because I know she’s going to love it.

The first school trip

Yesterday was Lia’s first ever school trip. They didn’t go far, just to a local orchard to see how apple juice is made. But she was so excited to go somewhere with her friends. It also meant taking a packed lunch. Isn’t it funny how a couple of cheese sandwiches can be exciting? Both girls love their school lunches but eating away from school seems to be the ultimate adventure.

Thursday photo #232

This week sees the start of the baby ballet danceathon. The girls were really excited to help promote it on social media by delving into a box of Peppa Pig themed goodies and dressing up in some beautiful new ballet outfits. The danceathon is in aid of Tommy’s, who are aiming to raise £500,000 to help fund vital research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Here’s the link if you’d like to donate. I wasn’t asked to share the danceathon on my blog, but I loved this photo of the girls. It’s such a great cause too.

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  1. That’s a gorgeous photo of the girls. Good luck to them both for the danceathon. Well done to Libby on moving up to stage 6 with her swimming – it sounds like she is doing really well. Glad Lia enjoyed her school trip x