Thursday photo #211

When I started freelancing, the intention was always that I’d have a bit more time to myself. After years of working long hours and commuting, I was ready to carve out free time. Of course, I was being naive. I spent every spare moment either working or with the girls. But now, I finally feel like things are changing.

Putting life first

I’ve always enjoyed sport, but for the past few years it has seemed like a chore. Something I had to fit in, that I knew I’d love once I started, but I really had to drag myself out of the door. For the past few weeks though, something has changed.

I’ve been working with XLS using weight loss shakes and have lost a total of 9lbs, which has stayed off this week now I’ve dropped down to one meal replacement a day. This feels like a real achievement and I’m pleased I’ve done it. That said, the most positive thing to come out of it is that I’ve started making the time to exercise a lot more – and really enjoying it.

This week was my third open water swim of the season, and my first in the river. I went with a friend to a part of the river where you can just get in and swim. No wetsuits, changing rooms, lifeguards or messing about. Just getting in and swimming. We’ve decided to do this every Monday morning after half term. It sounds like the perfect way to start the week.

The little things

For children, the smallest achievements sometimes mean the most. Libby has been playing the piano since September and getting on relatively well with it. But she hasn’t been overly keen to practice. This week though, something clicked. She has moved on to playing with both hands at the same time, and realised how good it sounds. And she wants to play it. Long may it continue.

Lia’s little achievement involved her preschool sports day. The night before, she didn’t want to do it. She was worried that she wouldn’t win and too scared to take part. But when the day came, it was a different story. She was happily playing with her friends before the races started. Then when they raced, she was there on the start line. Running slowly, not putting much effort in. But she was there and she enjoyed it despite her concerns.

Birthday party

We had the girls’ birthday party on Sunday, at Oakwood Forest School. We were so lucky with the weather, it couldn’t have been more perfect. And considering we’d never been to the venue before, we chose well. There were loads of different activities for the children to do and even the parents got involved. The girls both had a brilliant afternoon and all their friends seemed to enjoy it. Plus, birthday parties are behind us for another 12 months. Such a relief.

Thursday photo #211

The girls had some gorgeous birthday presents from their friends and one of their favourites was their dressing up outfits. Can you guess who they are?

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  1. Love that photo! How good to be able to combine their birthday parties! Well done to them on their achievements this week – and to you for your weight loss and increased exercise, you must be feeling on top of the world!

  2. Love how happy Libby and Lia look in their dressing up outfits. Well done to Libby on progressing to playing with both hands and glad to hear that she is enjoying it and well done to Lia on taking part in her preschool sports day. Glad to hear that you are enjoying getting into exercising more and sounds like you are doing really well with the weight loss too x

  3. Hi Nat, well done for managing to fit more sport in (and for loosing weight), neither are an easy task but are well worth it. I have this silly fear of open water, I jest not when I say I’ve even jumped whilst swimming in a pool when something brushes up against me. A combination of watching that silly film Jaws and of having an over active imagination! Open water swimming does sound like a lovely way to start the week though… Well done to both your girls on their achievements, it doesn’t amtter how big or small they are, the fact that they are moving forward is what counts… And I bet they had a great party. I can recognise Little Red Riding Hood, but I’m not too sure who Lia is supposed to be (sorry!).


    1. Ahh I totally get what you mean, we still get into a bit of a flap when we touch something in the river! The party was lovely thanks. I think Lia’s is Cinderella!