Thursday photo #240

We’re in the depths of our busiest week of the year. Nativity plays and ballet shows all take place this week, as does the school fair along with rehearsals and all their usual activities. It’s always a fun week but I’ll also be delighted when it is over. 

The nativity

Lia’s nativity play was yesterday morning and the previous day, they’d performed it to the school. Lia had been paired off with a little girl who was nervous of saying her line and when it came to performing to the school, neither of them said it. So, it came as no surprise that when we went to watch the nativity being performed to the parents, they didn’t say their line. 

What did surprise me slightly though was that Lia wasn’t nervous. She hadn’t refused to say her line because of nerves, but because she was trying to get the other girl to say it with her. She opened her mouth twice to say it but realised the other child wasn’t joining in, so she let the teacher say it for them. I’m disappointed for Lia because I know she would have loved to have said her line, but I’m pleased that she was confident enough to want to and I’m sure next year will go more smoothly. 

Libby on the other hand, is more at home on stage than anywhere else. Her play was yesterday afternoon and she ended up saying another child’s line as well as her own because the other child was off ill. Whenever she got anywhere near the microphone, she managed to very subtly get everyone else out of the way so she was standing next to it. She enjoyed every moment, and can’t wait to do it again today. 

Watching sport

On Saturday, we took the girls to watch the Wasps v Toulouse rugby match at the Ricoh Arena. We’ve always enjoyed both watching and participating in sport with them, but it has been a while since we’ve taken them to a match. And seeing the way they got into it made me realise how much they’ve grown up since the last time we went. Both of them came away totally inspired, which made me realise we need to make time to do things like this more often. 

Thursday photo #240

I love how sensible the girls look in their brand new Frugi clothes, toasting their fortune at going to watch a rugby match. They are growing up so quickly. 

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  1. What a shame for Lia that she didn’t get to say her line, but how lovely that she was waiting for the other girl!