Our Thursday Photo #38

Libby has been busy making herself the centre of attention this week. At a time when I hear on the news that children are no longer learning to speak properly because of their reliance on iPads and computers, Libby is proving them all wrong. 

This evening, I put Lia to bed and went to see Libby. She comes and sits with me for a few minutes after Lia has fallen asleep. When I went in today, the conversation went something like this: 

Libby: Is Lia asleep? 

Me: Yeah, she is. 

Libby: She’s very good now isn’t she? She’s sleeping well and saying mum and dad. Is she saying nan yet? 

Me: No, not yet. 

Libby: She’ll soon be saying nan. And she’ll be saying swing, swing, swing jump at ballet. And joining in with balancing. She’ll enjoy balancing won’t she? What is balancing anyway mum? 

This little episode is just one of the many conversations that Libby and I have every day. I have no concerns about her speech and Lia is showing signs of following in her footsteps. 

But am I putting them at a disadvantage by not letting them play with computers and iPads yet? 

If I’m honest, perhaps I am. We’ve been to a few schools to look around now and they all use iPads for their lessons. I know that when it comes to talking and even reading and writing, Libby will be up there with the others when she starts school.

But what about the lessons that are conducted on iPads? I don’t want her to be out of her depth when all the other children know what they’re doing, I remember that sinking feeling well from when I was at school. 

So will I buy her an iPad before she starts school? Yes, I probably will. But she won’t be using it too often, and certainly not to the exclusion of being outside, reading proper books or spending time with her family. 

I suppose that the irony of the whole thing is that people tend to use iPads to keep their children quiet. Having not purchased one up until this point, her speech has developed to such an extent that I can’t shut her up. And now I think that even if I got one, it wouldn’t keep her quiet. 

I’m sure there are advantages to this for Libby, but as for me? I’d love a peaceful cup of tea. 

And on that note, here is our Thursday Photo #38. Little Miss Chatterbox and her rapidly growing sidekick. 



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