Thursday photo #247

One of the things the girls miss out on a bit due to our hectic lifestyle is playing with friends. So this weekend, when Lia was invited to a friend’s house, both girls took full advantage.

Playing with friends

When I decided not to put Libby into our local school, I knew that one of the disadvantages would be that the girls didn’t live near their friends. It concerned me that they’d get left out as the other children went on playdates after school. But as it turned out, it hasn’t been a problem.

Libby’s class just weren’t really into playdates. Lots of parents work, many children don’t live in the village and they are all happy playing together at school. It has been rare for her to be asked on a playdate and I haven’t had to turn any down.

Lia’s class has been slightly different. She made one particularly good friend while she was still in preschool and has been to play with him a couple of times. She has now made more close friends and playdates followed. This sparked Libby’s interest as well and I think having friends round will be more of a feature for them both in the future.


I wrote last week about how we discuss our good and bad things from each day over dinner. One of the things we are aiming to achieve is to make the girls appreciate how lucky they are. This week was one of those times when even I had to pinch myself.

Yesterday, I shared our review of the David Charles dresses. Having never owned a designer dress in my life, it was quite surreal kitting the girls out in gowns made by a designer who has dressed royalty and celebrities for film premiers.

I thought it was important for the girls to understand that things don’t just materialise. So yesterday morning, I had a chat to them about it. One of them was asking me for something and I was trying to get some work done relating to the blog post about their dresses. Cue the usual complaints.

So, I took the time to explain that I’d been up until gone midnight working on a blog post and that I had some work to do that morning. I asked if they knew why I’d done that and both of them answered, “So you can earn money”. When I explained that it was actually so they could have their new dresses, it seemed to sink in a little bit more. Whilst children don’t fully understand the concept of work and earning money, seeing me working in order to allow them to have something physical did make the penny drop.

Thursday photo #247

I couldn’t choose any other photo of the girls this week. This one captures their characters so well. I sometimes wonder whether Lia will ever take anything seriously. In a way, I hope she doesn’t.

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  1. Hi Nat, the photos of the girls did make me smile. Lia looks a right little poser and I love Libby’s toothy grin. The dresses are lovely too… Explaining working for things instead of money does make sense as it’s impossible for children to really understand the value of money at such a young age. Yes we need money, but it grows on trees (doesn’t it?). Using the dresses as an example of why you work was brilliant… You do live in a lovely area. I’ve been trying to get the dogs out the house for the last couple of hours, but it keeps chucking it down. Looking at your top photo has just made meopen the front door agai!


  2. We do good and bad things to do with our day at dinner too. We used to just do highlights but then I read it was important to talk about our worries. I am glad that the dresses have helped them understand what you do a bit.

  3. I love Lia’s expression! I think kids these days generally spend less time with friends than we did, regardless of whether they live close to school. I swear my kids still forget that I work to earn money when it doesn’t suit them for me to be busy!

  4. I love that photo of your girls and those dresses are beautiful. I love that talking about the good and bad things in your day has become part of your routine and it is important to make our children aware that we have to work for things too x