Thursday photo #263

Hasn’t the school holiday come round quickly? I don’t remember such a short half term since the girls started school. It’s been a busy one here too, so I won’t be sorry to see the back of it. I’ll be crossing my fingers that the next half term is a bit quieter.

Ballet exams

Lia had her ballet exam yesterday, which marked the end of tests and exams for the girls this school year. Libby got honours in her exam last week, with Lia achieving Highly commended in hers. Both girls had a certificate with a sparkly wax mark on and moved up a group. They’re already throwing themselves into their new classes and looking forward to the next exam. I have no idea where they got their strange love of tests and exams from, but I’m glad they’re happy.

Trying new things

Both girls do a lot of activities, but I’m always keen for them to try new things when they have the opportunity. At the weekend, there was a free children’s lesson at our local tennis club. The girls were delighted to go along, and Libby got on a lot better with it than I thought she would.

When Libby first had her squint corrected at the age of two, we were told she’d never have perfect depth perception. Her eyes work independently of each other, so she doesn’t really see in three dimensions like everyone else. This made complete sense. She was clumsy, she fell over a lot and if you threw a ball at her, it would hit her in the face every single time. No matter how much we tried to gently coax her into learning to catch, she never managed it.

Over the past few months though, something seems to have clicked. Her catching is better. Not what you’d expect from a (nearly) seven year old, but occasionally she’ll catch a ball. We played rounders with a cricket bat on the beach and sometimes, she managed to hit the ball.

Then on Saturday, she lined up at the tennis net and completely missed the ball. Once, twice, three times. Then, on her fourth go, she hit it squarely back over the net. From then on, she connected with the ball every time. Of course, by the end of the session she was desperate to take up tennis. We said she could, but she’d have to give up something else. Predictably, she decided to stick with what she does. We’re going to have a hit around at our gym’s tennis courts instead.

Thursday photo #263

The girls were so proud to get their ballet certificates this week that I had to take a photo of them showing them off. I hope they’ll always thing of exams as being this much fun.

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  1. Well done on your girls doing so well in their exams! And that’s awesome about Libby enjoying and getting better at sports! Lovely family blog il enjoy reading more 🙂

  2. Very well done to the girls for their ballet exams! I can’t believe they get their results so quickly, it takes two or three months for ours! It must have been wonderful to see Libby hitting the tennis ball. We’ve had similar situations with my daughter where she has wanted to try something new, but then wasn’t willing to let anything else go. Although after half term she is dropping a ballet class and giving athletics a go! X

    1. Oh my goodness, two to three months is such a long time to wait, we really are lucky. Gosh, dropping a ballet class is a huge decision for your daughter isn’t it? I do hope she loves athletics.

  3. Love that photo of your girls with their ballet certificates. Well done to them both and to Libby on doing well at tennis. My husband has a similar thing with his eyesight. His eyes also work independently which affects his depth perception. One of the things he wanted to do that he was told he’d struggle with was flying model aeroplanes. He managed to do that without too many problems. The depth perception thing doesn’t really cause him too many problems – he’s never known any different and has naturally learned to adjust to it. Libby sounds like she has a lot of determination and I’m sure she won’t let it hold her back either x

    1. Thank you Louise, that is so useful to know. It’s really great that your husband has managed to fly model aeroplanes despite being told he may struggle with it. I do hope that Libby adjusts just as well as your husband has as she gets older.