Thursday photo #171

I’ve hit the wall slightly with the Summer holidays now. It’s a bit like that feeling you get when you’re running a marathon. Around the 20 mile point from what I remember. The end is in sight. You know you’ve got to keep going because giving up is not an option. But all of a sudden it’s like swimming through treacle.

Days out

Despite hitting the wall myself, we’ve kept going with some fabulous days out this week. We had a brilliant day at Eastnor Castle, we’ve been swimming and had two lovely days meeting up with old friends. The girls are having a wonderful time together and I will be sad to see it come to an end.

Dinosaurs at Eastnor Castle

It has been lovely this week seeing the girls with my friends’ children. Although they have nothing in common other than their mums being friends, they seem to get along brilliantly. I’ve been proud of all of them in the way they are able to adapt and socialise with whoever is put in front of them.


I think part of my problem during the summer holidays has been lack of exercise. At the start, we were away for quite a while and I got behind with work. So I spent time catching up, getting back to where I needed to be. And I decided that this week would be the one when I made time to get out for a run at least a couple of times.

And then on Saturday, I broke my toe. I’m not one for bothering doctors unnecessarily, so I haven’t had an x-ray. But I’m certain it’s broken. And there’s no way I could run on it at the moment. So, my best intentions for getting out and exercising went out of the window. I’ve decided just to give myself a break and start again in September.

Our Thursday photo #171

Our Thursday photo this week was taken at Hanbury Hall. This is another brilliant National Trust property in Worcestershire, where we spent a lovely day with friends playing outside. The photo sums up the girls brilliantly. Lia is never happier than when she’s chilling out. She’s recently really taken to swings like this where she can lie down and relax. Libby on the other hand is always up, looking around for her next adventure and making sure she doesn’t miss anything.

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  1. Hi Nat, it’s lovely to be able to sit back and watch when children get on and have fun with friends. I can relate on the exercise front. I made a conscious decision not to worry too much about exercising in August, but I miss it so much and am feeling ‘lardy’ already, but the lack of time and the heat means it was the right decision until September…. A positive is that times like this make me realise how important exercise (and sleep) are to me.


  2. I love the photo of Libby and Lia in the swing and the way it captures their different personalities. I know what you mean about hitting a wall – as much as I love having my girls at home with me over the summer, it is challenging too. So sorry to hear about your broken toe. Hope it heals soon x

  3. It’s great having the kids at home, but yes it can certainly be challenging too. I look forward to just going to the shop for 5 mins for a break! Hope your toe is better soon, you’ll be running well again in September. 🙂 x