Thursday Photo #148

Isn’t it funny how much better everything seems when the sun comes out? For the last couple of days, the children have gone outside to play as soon as we arrived home from school. This afternoon is so warm that I’m sat outside with my laptop. My life hasn’t miraculously got better and yet today the only problem that seems to matter is keeping the sun off my computer screen without restricting my ability to get a tan. This is my view from the office.

Our week at a glance

After the excitement of World Book Day last week, we were straight into school disco mode before the weekend. On Saturday we met up with some friends at the fabulous Cob House. We had a relaxing afternoon having lunch and then wandering around feeding the animals and playing in the park. It was still quite cold then, which makes it seem like a long time ago. Did I mention I’m currently sunbathing?

On Sunday, Libby had a fabulous time at a birthday party, while poor Lia stayed at home with a cold. That gave me a chance to catch up on some work and this week was more relaxed from the start. We’re back into the school routine now after half term, and we’re already starting to look forward to the Easter holidays.


Every morning, I go out for a walk or run and then Libby and I sit and read her school reading book. It has been lovely watching her progress as the year has gone by. From not really recognising the letters, to being able to sound them out and form the words. Some days it seems like a bit of a chore but she’s developing a love of reading that will definitely grow as she gets older.

Last week she came home with an abridged version of Enid Blighton’s Famous Five that she had been given for World Book Day. She’s a long way off reading it herself, but that gives me the opportunity to read it with her. I’m enjoying reading a proper story to her rather than the short children’s books we’re used to.

Since Libby has started to read, Lia’s interest in reading has developed as well. She has got to a point where she’ll spend hours just listening to somebody reading to her. Lia’s more inclined to sit still than Libby so hopefully she’ll be a book lover too as time goes on.

Our Thursday Photo #148

This week’s photo is one of my favourites of the girls. After a Winter of being cooped up inside, they were so delighted to get out on the trampoline that they bounced like mad and it did something strange to their hair. I’m hoping we’ve got seven months of outdoor time ahead of us, this sunshine is welcome to stay.

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