Thursday photo #274

There’s something rather appealing about the unpredictability of the British weather. We’ve had a few days away this week, enjoying the scenery in Lake Bala. Of course it has rained, but I’m struggling to care. A stunning location, wild swimming a 30 second walk from our van. Spending our days outside with the odd dash indoors for a coffee or hot chocolate to escape the rain. It’s not everybody’s idea of relaxation, but we love it.

Winding down

You may have guessed from my blog that up until now, the school holidays have been somewhat busy. We’ve been loving every minute of it, but I haven’t had much downtime. From one day out to the next, writing up many of them for the blog in between. Work has been confined to early mornings and late evenings. It has made me realise that I’m capable of fitting in so much more when the girls are at school. But it has also been exhausting.

So, Lake Bala has been about taking a step back. Turning off the laptop, less social media and being less available. Answering important emails and dipping in and out of social media. But also running alongside the girls on their bikes. Wild swimming, paddle boarding, walking, sight seeing and relaxing. There’s not much chilling to be done with two active children, but luckily their bedtime is still reasonably early.

So in the evenings, I managed to swim in the lake, walk the dog, read a book, listen to music and even chat to my husband. Some time in the near future, we’ll head off abroad on holiday. For now though, there’s plenty of the UK to explore. It’s always good to know that my brother and sisters are on hand to look after the one family member we have to leave at home too.


I often pick up litter when I’m out walking or running with the dog. I hate to see the beautiful scenery spoilt by inconsiderate people leaving their rubbish. Recently though, the children have started to stop and pick up litter too.

It makes me sad to see the girls picking up litter that was undoubtedly left by adults. At the same time though, it gives me hope. That they are being educated about the environment in a way that my generation weren’t. And most of all, that they are willing to take responsibility for nature. They’re very aware of avoiding plastic where possible and always ask for their drinks without a straw. Libby has a basic understanding of the problems with palm oil and avoids it where possible. She has also recently become vegetarian.

I like the fact that the girls are taking decisions like these of their own accord. I hope others of their age are equally aware of the environmental impact of their actions.

Thursday photo #274

A couple of times a year, we have a family picnic at a railway my uncle volunteers at with little ride-on trains. We all love it there and look forward to it. The girls really love the trains and when we’re out and about, they tend to spot other trains they can ride on. So, they had to have a go on the Lake Bala Railway. My husband went with them and I decided not to join them because it was quite expensive. We’re doing our best to keep costs down. So instead, I took a few photos of them before going for a walk around the lake.

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  1. Hi Nat, it sounds like you are one very busy lady, but at least you have managed to get a little ‘you’ time and your children are going to have childhood memories to cherish… How fabulous your camper van is. The freedom of going where you want, when you want (within reason) sounds wonderful. Looking at the view you were surrounded by even I could overlook the rain and enjoy a holiday like that… Your girls are a credit to you and I hope that it will be their generation that really turns the damage done to this planet around.


    1. Thank you, I do hope you’re right about the next generation undoing all this terrible damage. Although I’m ashamed that we’ve left it like this for them.