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Thursday photo #277

We’re into the home straight, the last full week of the school holidays. It has been brilliant. Chaotic, exciting, eventful and fun. Now though, I join the clamour of parents across the UK who are ready to get back to routine. I’m ready to have time to get my work done rather than fitting it in to the few minutes I have available. I’m ready for exercise, eating better and having time to myself. I’ll wave the summer a fond farewell and look forward to the autumn.

Festival fun (tickets gifted)

We spent the weekend at the Sunshine Festival which takes place a short drive from home. We had taken the girls to Nozstock right at the beginning of the holiday and they’d loved it. So, another festival seemed like the ideal way to end the holiday. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and had a brilliant weekend chilling out in the sunshine with the children. 

I’m not sure I ever would have thought of taking children to a music festival a few years ago. It has been a revelation to me that there are family friendly festivals with so much for them to do. We went to the circus twice, the girls spent hours on bouncy castles and danced like crazy to the music. 

With the festival being so close to home, we were able to pop back for their usual swimming lessons. It was great to have the opportunity to grab a shower and freshen up. I definitely think that festivals close to home are the way forward. 

Back to school

I started this holiday determined that this time, I’d be more organised. We went shopping within the first few days for new dresses and trousers. Sorting through their old clothes was a relatively painless process, and that’s where it ended. The shop didn’t have everything we needed. We got busy, and now here we are at the end of August.

I ended up buying quite a bit of their uniform online. I’m relying on the fact their PE shirts were enormous so they should last another year. Everything else has been purchased except for tights. That’s going to be a last minute trip to the supermarket. So as usual, we’re bombing towards back to school totally disorganised and busier than ever. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thursday photo #277

Our Thursday photo this week had to be from the Sunshine Festival. These two are real little festival kids. Very slightly feral, grubby and dishevelled. But happy, and that’s what matters.

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  1. Love the photo from the festival! I agree that local festivals are a really good thing so you can nip home when you need to.
    Good luck with getting the tights! That was our last thing to get and then I couldn’t get any. Shops don’t stock my daughter’s size and they’d sold out online. Luckily she’s big enough that she can wear women’s tights.

    1. Thank you. Eek, what a nightmare about the tights! I do hope we manage to find some. I think I have enough to keep us going for a few days if I can’t find any straight away.