Our Thursday Photo #42

Lia is now 42 weeks old. For the record, that’s how long I was pregnant with her for. I’m sorry if you are coming up to your 40th week of pregnancy but for me, pregnancy just doesn’t last 40 weeks.

Anyway, enough of that pregnancy talk, I can safely say never again. 

This week has been one of those quietly monumental weeks for all of us. Lia has really come out of herself and blossomed into a little person. She is pulling herself up on everything, crawling incredibly well and interacting with everyone. 

Libby has today received her first pair of glasses. I’m stunned by how strong they are and it makes me wonder how much things will change for her now she can see properly. 

After a quick Google, I’ve found the Sightsavers charity who are working to eliminate avoidable blindness. Incredibly, they give the statistic that 80% of blindness worldwide could be prevented or cured.

I can safely say they will be receiving a donation from me when payday arrives. Libby is a very lucky girl to have had her problem discovered and treated so early. 

This week has been rather monumental for me as well in an understated way. For the first time in months and months, I’m having a few days of doing rather less work. 

I’m stunned at how much difference this has made. Yesterday was my first relaxed day and having been up until 4 am the night before, yesterday I managed an afternoon nap and a 7 mile run in the evening.

Today, I’ve had a lovely afternoon drinking coffee (and talking work) with a good friend, had a bit of extra time with the girls, had a nice walk with Pluto and been swimming. 

I instantly feel better. I’ve stopped craving junk food, sugar and caffeine and my spirits have lifted. It’s amazing what a difference some exercise and sleep can make to a person’s life. 

And on that note, I’m going to leave you with our Thursday photo #42 and aim to be in bed before midnight for the second night running. 

Don’t Libby’s glasses look great? And you can just see how chilled out Lia is these days. 

2015-02-26 19.32.27-4


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